Republicans Will Defund Planned Parenthood Through Reconciliation


Paul Ryan looking satisfiedRyan told reporters Thursday that the House will again vote to defund Planned Parenthood(PP) through reconciliation, the same legislation they plan to use to repeal Obamacare. Planned Parenthood will lose funding as part of the Obamacare repeal.

Harry Reid opened the door to reconciliation! Bet he’s sorry now.

“Planned Parenthood legislation would be in our reconciliation bill,” Ryan said to reporters at a press conference, when asked “how and when” the House will pass legislation to defund the organization.

“I think the 2015 bill we passed will make it into reconciliation and be part of it,” said Rep. Mark Meadows said. “Nothing in Washington, D.C. is 100 percent, but I do believe there is a high probability that it happens.”

“I think we’ve reached a milestone where I can say, we will defund Planned Parenthood and the president will sign it,” Rep. Steve King told Buzzfeed News.

King added that now that defunding Planned Parenthood looks to be in Republicans’ favor, he thinks there could be room to do more.

“I would say, why would we limit it to PP? Why wouldn’t we include any organization that provides the things they call abortion services or pro-abortion counseling?”

Planned Parenthood is a slush fund for the Democrat Party. Planned Parenthood receives funds from the government courtesy the Democrats. They then campaign for Democrat candidates.

Planned Parenthood Will Have to Give Up Some Galas

Half the country doesn’t want to fund Planned Parenthood. It’s a private organization that can exist on its own funding sources. They have money to throw at celebrity galas and award shows, therefore they have money to survive without public funding.

Many believe their practices surrounding abortion are morally reprehensible like Nick Cannon. Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger said she wanted to exterminate the black race, he said.

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