The Republicans Last Election, November 8, 2016: The Day the Country Changes Forever


Former President George W. Bush fretted to a group of former aides and advisers in April that he was worried he could be the “last Republican president.”

The 43rd president’s remark, at a gathering in Dallas of his administration’s staffers, came at a time when the primary contest was realistically down to Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

“I’m worried that I will be the last Republican president,” Bush told former aides and advisers.

The comment was reported by Politico.

That remark was completely understandable with two mavericks running and we can debate that but it’s too late. What he should be considering now is that by joining the neverTrumpers, he is assuring that he was the “last Republican president.”

These are the cards we’ve been dealt and we have a choice. We either support Trump or let Hillary win.

Hillary has promised to legalize tens of millions of Democrats, assuring we can never win again. She will fill the Supreme Court with leftists who will eliminate the Second Amendment and move on to hate speech laws, infringement on privacy rights, and all the other statist agenda items they’ve lined up, and  they will spend our money to ensure the population of entitled grow, also guaranteeing a Republican will never win the presidency again.

It means the United States becomes an open borders, globalist country with a one-party system of elite thieves and liars taxing us into oblivion to pay for their freebies while applying the feckless foreign policy we have seen used over the last eight years.

Personally I was angry that Republicans didn’t vote for Romney last election, not because I liked him all that much, but because I believed it might be our last chance to see a Republican in the White House. As it turns out, we have one slim chance left.

Look at this video below and the stunning numbers. It would be a miracle if we were to win the election this time with any Republican. The country has changed, in part because Democrats have had foreigners from Socialist countries pour in without education, without being assimilated and who need entitlements. It’s also true that Democrats have convinced the populace that Trump is a racist and a fascist.

As an aside, they briefly discuss a kerfuffle with Montel Williams who was supposed to be a guest but he was angry and tore out of the studio right before the show. Montel tweeted out after O’Reilly criticized Montel on air. Montel called him names and told O’Reilly to “leave him alone.” They called each other cowards. Montel said he didn’t show because they changed topics on him at the last minute. Just another symptom of a country in trouble. People are divided and on edge.



  1. Bush has a lot to do with republicans being in trouble in elections.

    It makes no sense for O’Reilly to have on Montel Williams. Williams is a hack, has very limited knowledge, enjoys ridiculing conservatives. But of course O’Reilly goes for ratings and usually does not make sense.

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