Republicans Lead in the Generic Ballot! Dems Platform Will Be “Hate Trump”


Usually the party that lost the presidency takes back Congress in the mid-terms. It’s been traditionally so. That might not be the case this November.

The party of MS-13, Stormy Daniels, hate Trump, and Hamas finds it difficult to come up with a message. So, What they’ve done, is taken on the message of the far-left which is one of control and loss of freedoms. Perhaps it’s not resonating because a Reuters generic poll has Republicans in the lead for the first time in the 2018 cycle.

The Reuters Poll of registered voters has Republicans leading by 39%. Demcorats are polling at 36.7%.

Democrats were ten points ahead on the generic ballot as recently as the end of April. Perhaps Nancy Pelosi shouldn’t be so quick to declare her candidacy for Spreaker.

Democrats will have a platform which copies the Trump ‘Drain the Swamp line, only they will viciously paint the Trump administration as the “most corrupt in modern times”. They call it “A Better Deal for Our Democracy” [they don’t recognized the USA as a Republic]. In other words, they will continue with the hate Trump mantra and ignore their own corruption. That’s their platform.

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