Republicans Save the Incandescent for Another Year


save the incandescent


The US House has saved the incandescent bulb for one more year. The House passed a spending bill – HR2354 – that includes a light-bulb amendment which will, for one year, bar the Energy Department from implementing or enforcing lighting-efficiency standards set in a 2007 law.

The lighting standards mean the end of the incandescent bulb starting with the best one – the 100-watt bulb.

Many Republicans believe that banning the incandescent limits freedom to choose. It does. We won’t be able to choose incandescent.

It’s very hard to see with the new bulbs but they are cheap. Of course if you break one, Hazmat has to come in and clean it up.

The light-blub standards will save consumers $6 billion in 2015 according to Barack Obama. For the average consumer, the costs associated with bulbs is minimal.

When the incandescent is banned, we as consumers will have a  choice between bulbs that throw off dim light, glaring light, or almost no light.

Environmental groups that are running this show seem to think the costs associated with incandescent bulbs will really strain our wallets over the next year. Companies that invested in the new bulbs are worried about a delay in their profits from investments.

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