Republicans Will Pay a Price for Not Understanding Trump’s Appeal


Republicans don’t understand Donald Trump’s appeal and as a result the Conservative base will probably get more of what they’ve gotten from the Republican party, which will lead to many staying home on election day in 2016.

Donald Trump is the new whipping boy for the political left, the political right and the media. The Republicans who are ripping into him are probably hoping to knock him out of the race quickly but what they are doing is burning their bridges with over-the-top attacks. They are also getting the wrong message from the people who support him.

Lindsey Graham said, well, he has 13%. Anyone can get 13% to follow them.

What Graham doesn’t understand is Trump adds excitement because he says what he means.

Republicans look like they have spaghetti spines, Trump doesn’t.

Graham, who called Trump a “wrecking ball”, said his language is “offensive” and the party “should push back.” Graham needs to look at who the real enemies are in the Republican party and it is them. He’s not hurting Republicans any more than Republicans hurt themselves.

Where is the Republican defense against the administration’s onslaught against the Constitution?

Jeb Bush said Tuesday that he doesn’t want “to be associated with the vitriol Trump is spewing.” Trump may have made mistakes, especially in his seeming characterization of Mexicans, but he isn’t spewing vitriol. Everything is vitriol to the PC crowd. Jeb, on the other hand, garners no excitement among conservatives, in fact, he’s running against them.

The establishment is spending a lot of time attacking the base and Donald Trump, when their time would be better spent trying to stop the administration’s Marxist assault on our Constitution.

Capitalizing on Trump’s error in seeming to characterize all illegal immigrants as drug dealers and rapists, Graham said on Morning Joe that the Republican party doesn’t agree with that.

Come on, does anyone really believe Donald Trump thinks all illegal immigrants or all Mexicans are drug dealers and rapists?

Graham then said Trump would make a “terrible Commander-in-Chief” because he’s using his voice to “demean and slander a whole group of people who are hard working, decent, with some criminals in the middle of them, I think it would hurt our nation.”

Trump has walked that back but Republicans won’t let up. They’re as relentless as the Democrats.

So much better having a president who hates half the country.

Carly Fiorina understands what it is that Trump tapped into.

When George Stephanopoulos asked Carly Fiorina about Trump, she said, “I think Donald Trump taps into an anger that I hear every day. People are angry that a commonsense thing like securing the border or ending sanctuary cities is somehow considered extreme. It’s not extreme, it’s commonsense. We need to secure the border. People are also angry at a professional political class of both parties that talks a good game, gives good speeches, but somehow nothing ever really changes. And people are angry as well at a double standard in the media.”

That was Trump’s message.

Trump isn’t backing down. On Morning Joe this morning, he went after the political media, a group of people Americans don’t trust.


Mika asked him if he has regrets and if he thinks he should change his strategy.

“Mika, I’ve been very truthful. I — I tell you one thing I have learned is how dishonest, really dishonest, the media — some of it. Some is fantastic and some I have great respect for, but some of the political media, I’m used to dealing with the financial media and I get along with them very well, some of the political media really is very dishonest. They don’t want to print the truth, they don’t want to say what you said, they don’t want to say what you mean. They know what you said, they know what you mean, and they put it in totally different words. It’s like you didn’t say it and it’s incredible to me.”

“So, I’m very much more careful when I’m dealing with certain people and, frankly, certain people you don’t want to deal with. I mean, I’ve had meetings with some of the various reporters that absolutely have taken what I’ve said and turned it to a point where they know it’s dishonest and they actually smile about it…”

It has gotten to the point where political correctness won’t allow an honest discussion on anything. Right or wrong, Trump should be allowed to talk about the issues he has raised. Our laws are not being followed and we are all supposed to sit back and accept it.

If Trump loses the battle for free speech, who will be able to speak freely? We can’t speak honestly about anything in today’s society. Any perceived insult to anyone becomes a cause célèbre.

There is a dangerous lack of tolerance in public life today. People immediately latched onto his inartful means of expression as opposed to what he was actually trying to say.

It’s easy to take swipes at Trump. Defending Mexicans is a no-brainer. People are missing the point of Donald’s argument – deliberately – and they are misreading the public.

People are really tired of the canned political speeches. They want straight talk. They want Harry Truman’s The Buck Stops Here. They want to be inspired by a JFK who said we will one day walk on the moon and, as fantastic as it was at the time, they believed it. They want a Ronald Reagan who spoke of the Constitution, freedom and America as an exceptional nation. They want the Clinton who said, The era of big government is over.

People are just fed up with politicians who ignore reality and who put their re-election over the welfare of the American people. Many Conservatives are tired of establishment candidates being forced on them. A lot of Trump’s popularity is an anti-PC Jeb Bush wave.

Does anyone really believe Jeb Bush will change anything or just continue the status quo?

How long Trump can survive is hard to say but the one thing he has made obvious is we don’t really have free speech in this country and if you make a mistake or say something that can be misconstrued, you will find that out when they come to get you.

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7 years ago

“Lindsey Graham said, well, he has 13%. Anyone can get 13% to follow them.”

Oh really, “Closet” Lindsey? What are YOUR numbers? Even your own central committees censured you.

7 years ago

The republican party is in trouble they have spent the last 20 years ignoring and marginalizing conservatives even to the point of letting their democrat allies win elections. They would rather the democrats run the show then accept conservative ideals and probably prefer because then they can bitch and howl and not have to accept any responsibility. Then all the sudden all is going to heck Trump comes along and gives voice to conservative concerns and that scares the begebes out of cheap labor non-existent borders rinos and their Chamber of Commerce puppetmasters and Soros. They know if Trump holds the course and they cannot destroy him The AMERICAN PEOPLE will overwhelmingly vote for him and destroy all the demo-republican coalition have worked for. By American people that is all descendents of Hispanic-European-Asian-African forebears unhyphenated Americans.

7 years ago

Here’s the real story behind why literally just about everyone is against Trump – everyone but we citizens who are tired as Hell of the same-old, same-old, and nothing ever changes because the politicians and the banksters and the corporations are all part of it – check it out and pass it on —>

Americans for Trump
Americans for Trump
7 years ago

Trump does not need the republican party, they need him! Americans are sick of the leaders we have had since Bush senior. Trump could run independent and he will still get the election by the people

7 years ago

Maybe the Republican party needs a wrecking ball. I can’t believe that this is the same party that backed Ronald Reagan and championed everything he said. I can’t believe this is the same party that fought back a coup by the Democrats to steal the election in Florida. What happened? I used to be very active in the Republican party, but I saw the party starting to change. The strong party of Ronald Reagan started to fall apart. It actually started back in 1992 with the re-election campaign of George Bush. We left the Republican Convention that year perplexed and puzzled.

Albert Bryson
Albert Bryson
7 years ago
Reply to  Pat

The Republican party is going to pay the price finally for not defending our rights: freedom of speech, freedom of religions, and all other rights given to us by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. They are not listening to real Americans who are sick of politics now be done by both political parties. They do not do want amnesty, no citizenship, right to vote and the end of illegals receiving welfare benefits. They want control of the borders and no more santuary cities. They want the end of common core and the federal government out of education and their lives.