Republicans to Win in 2018 by Fighting Republicans?


Republicans are going to win in 2018 by fighting the Democrats and the Republicans? Trump is not blaming Paul Ryan for the failure of the Republican healthcare bill, instead he is calling out the Freedom Caucus.

Trump tweeted his frustration after Paul Ryan said if the party can’t unify, Trump will turn to Democrats for legislative successes. Lots of luck with that. Democrats have made it clear they won’t work with him unless he does exactly as they say.

Ryan supported Trump’s comments, saying, “I share the frustration”.

They’re not wrong. Republicans must unite.

Maybe Trump is using the wrong approach. When Jeb Bush suggested he was going to win without conservatives, he basically lost the primary.

It’s hard to know how implacable the caucus is or not, but that Republican healthcare bill was pretty bad.

Trump did call out specifics Freedom Caucus members.

Raúl R. Labrador‏ is taking it well and complimenting Trump for rolling back some of the worst of the Obama climate mandates.

Jim Jordan has also complimented Trump for rolling back climate change fiats and has tweeted his desire to work on Obamacare.

Mark Meadows also reassured the public that he wants to repeal Obamacare. He told Daily Caller he’s willing to forego Easter recess to work on it.

Rep. Meadows did make it clear he will do what his constituents sent him to D.C. to do.

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