Repubs Pray for President Trump to Sign the 1,159-Page Spending Bill


Senator Grassley opened the session today with a prayer even though most Senate sessions are opened by the pledge and an announcement of who is giving the daily prayer. He wanted to make sure people know how desperate they are to avoid a shutdown and pass the 1,159-page spending bill. The President’s people said a shutdown would harm the economy, and many Republicans don’t believe in shutdowns.

Democrats have them over a hot fire. It’s either this or a shutdown that will hurt the economy. The shutdown won’t help. According to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the President will sign the bill and declare a national emergency.

The bill is disgusting. It codifies the lack of border security. With Democrats running the House, there will be no cooperation.

“Let’s all pray that the president will have the wisdom to sign the bill so the government doesn’t shut down,” Grassley said before leading the chamber in the pledge of allegiance.

1,159-Page Funding-Poison Pill Bill Filed for House, Senate Fast Track – Updated

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