Repugnant Cartoonist Abuses Memory of Chris Kyle, a Fallen Hero



Remember the name and the face above of cartoonist, Lee Judge because he is despicable. He represents how low members of our society can sink without any compunctions.

Chris Kyle, the soldier murdered at a gun range while trying to help a disturbed veteran, was a hero. He put his life at risk day-after-day killing the enemy and protecting our military from the enemy. He served four tours in Iraq. He earned two Silver Stars.

The despicable anti-gun activists who have no human decency and who really hate the Second Amendment of the Constitution, apparently have no regard for the Kyle and Littlefield families. Lee Judge is one of those people and he went way over the line with the following cartoon.


The cartoon, by Kansas City Star cartoonist Lee Judge, was originally published on Feb. 9 — three days before Kyle’s memorial service. Read at Twitchy

In no way is this a metaphor to begin with. No Second Amendment advocate ever said that a man with a gun could not be killed. Worse than that, you have to be some kind of unfeeling, amoral, insensitive creep to think this is funny or clever or makes any kind of point. It says more about the cartoonist than anything else.

A hero has died at the hands of a troubled man he was trying to help and this is what Lee Judge thinks is humor?

The Kansas City Star is a disgrace for publishing it.

Apparently the Charlotte Herald Sun also posted a political cartoon that took a jab at Second Amendment advocates the day after Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield were murdered.

The idea that a newspaper, allegedly a newspaper, and cartoonists could exploit a tragedy that ended in the deaths of two men is unfathomable to me. Then again, there are people running around making excuses for Chris Dorner too.

The moronic extremists who are opposed to guns are taking their insane rants out on legal gun owners and not the illegal gun owners who are the ones murdering people by an over 93% margin.

Anyone who has seen his interviews knows Chris Kyle was a nice young man. He spent a good deal of time helping people, something I doubt Mr. Lee makes a point of doing. Just a guess.

American hero, Chris Kyle:

His wife’s heartbreaking speech:

Mrs. Kyle and their two children are three of the people Mr. Lee is attacking with that cartoon.

It is also a disgrace that President Obama did nothing to acknowledge the deaths of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield.

If you go onto google images and put in Lee Judge’s name, you will find many more offensive cartoons by him and none of them are funny. They are just angry.

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