Resolution Passes, Durbin Says Obama’s Problems Are Bush’s Fault


dinner with Assad

The resolution to strike Syria with limited size and scope has passed the Senate committee by 10 to 7. McCain voted for it after all his carrying on and Rubio voted against it.

The purpose of the resolution is to discourage Assad from using chemical weapons again. There will be no boots on the ground.

The resolution now goes on to the full Senate and it will go to the full House from there.

The Senate is largely Democrat and supportive of Obama.

Several members, including Senator Durbin, attempted to make a case for Syria being very different from Iraq. Durbin blamed Bush for the difficulties Obama has had securing support for the strike on Syria. Durbin said Bush lied about Hussein having chemical weapons.

It’s all Bush’s fault. It’s not that Obama has bungled his foreign policy – whatever it is – since day 1.

Durbin also condemned the Afghanistan war – the good war – that he voted for – because he said he couldn’t have foretold the length of time the war would go on.

The resolution allows Assad to continue killing his people, just not with chemical weapons.

Obama’s butt is being pulled out of the fire.

More than 100,000 people have been murdered in the Syrian Civil War, chemical weapons have been used about nine times, but the issue has become important this month after Obama was ridiculed for three months for his red line comment.

During the hearing, Rep. Duncan addressed Secretary Kerry while holding up a photo of Ty Woods. Duncan said that the Syrian situation was being used to cover up Mr. Obama’s failing in other areas, including Benghazi.