Responses to a Father Outside an Abortion Clinic Pleading for the Child


The tragedy of abortion affects fathers too. Happy Father’s Day abortionists. Read some of the responses from both sides. They couldn’t be more opposite. What do you think?


They accurately reflect the overall sentiments.

We can’t say if this is real or not. We don’t have the details but what we do know is the responses are horrifying for pro-life people.



  1. one comment above ( Raechel Guest) asks ; did he wear a condom?

    well what about the woman who is getting the abortion? did she ask that he wear a condom? did she check if he was wearing a conodm?…and he if was refusing to wear one, could she not say no and not have sex?

    why is it the man’s fault and women are unaccountable? are they telling us women are too dumb to check if the man is wearing a condom?

    are they telling us women are like 3 year old toddlers, helpless and dumb?

  2. Man I just lost about 30 IQ points from reading those birdbrain tweets. I better surf on over to a Shakespeare page or read some foreign language blueprint manuals to get my IQ points back.
    Note to those calling an embryonic form of human a lump of tissue and cells, you were once a lump of cells and tissue as well.

  3. “It’s [baby] a cluster of cells. No more a baby than a pile of wood is a house.”

    According to pro-abortionist, unborn babies are “a cluster of cells”, only worthy of living if the *female* chooses. No matter what our stage of life, *science* has proven we’re all clusters of cells … so are the adult pro-abortionist prepared to be legally aborted/killed, too?

    “Her body. Her choice.”

    The baby, created by a male & female, is a separate human being from the female’s body. Don’t ALL human beings have rights? If so, where are the *rights* of both the human baby & the male/father? Sad.

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