Reuters’ DANGEROUS Transgender Story


NBC News and Reuters are reckless and irresponsible on many issues, but perhaps they are most dangerous on the issue of transgender children.

They reported from a study of 317 alleged transgender children, ages 3 to 12, that claims:

“Trans kids are showing strong identities and preferences that are different from their assigned sex,” lead author Selin Gulgoz said in a press statement. “There is almost no difference between these trans- and cisgender kids of the same gender identity — both in how, and the extent to which, they identify with their gender or express that gender.”

No medical professional worth anything would study little children and make such a determination.

Gulgoz was a post-doctoral student at The University of Washington and is taking a position at Fordham. This study gives her the resume for Fordham but it’s more of the baseless nonsense promoting the transgendering of small children.

She says she was a collaborator in the TransYouthProject [a far-left diversity and inclusion organization].

According to their website, the TransYouthProject is “a large-scale, national longitudinal study of more than 300 socially-transitioned transgender children that started in 2013. These children were recruited when they were 3-12 years of age and we are hoping to follow them for 20 years.”

Three years old!!!

They’re all psychologists, which, like sociology, is not a science. It’s too subjective although the purveyors will tell you something different.

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