Reuters Reports Russia Offered a Ceasefire in Ukraine


Reuters reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested a cease-fire in Ukraine to freeze the war, but the United States rejected it. Putin allegedly wanted to avert a third year of deadly conflict.

Half a million people have died, and Ukraine’s infrastructure is devastated. Several Russian sources told Reuters that Putin was ready to freeze the Russo-Ukraine war where it is now. The US refused, putting it on Zelensky, who is wholly dependent on the US and NATO.

The US denied any official contact and said Washington would not engage in talks that did not involve Ukraine.

[That is the posture the US has taken all along. There has never been any diplomacy.]

Zelensky, Merkel, Macron, Putin in 2019

In 2023, Putin signaled to Washington publicly and privately through intermediaries, including through Moscow’s Arab partners in the Middle East and others, that he was ready to consider a cease-fire.

Putin proposed freezing the conflict at the current lines and was unwilling to cede any of the Ukrainian territory controlled by Russia. This was the best path toward peace that the Kremlin could see.

One source said the contacts with Americans came to nothing. A second source said that Americans told Moscow through intermediaries they would not discuss a ceasefire without  Ukraine’s participation.

The source said everything fell apart with the Americans. Americans did not want to pressure Ukraine.


Another Russian source said the Americans didn’t believe that Putin was genuine about a ceasefire, but he was, and is, ready to discuss a ceasefire; Putin is also ready to fight on for as long as it takes, and Russia can fight for as long as it takes.

They see little point in continuing to deal with Americans. Russia has no one to negotiate with.

Zelensky will not secede any land, even though huge numbers of inhabitants of the captured lands voted to go with Russia after the 2014 color revolution. Zelensky also wants Crimea back, but he is not capable of recapturing any of these lands unless he brings the US/NATO into the war.

The Uniparty in the Senate’s response is to fund three more years of Ukraine’s war. The House said it’s DOA.

Zelensky is considered a puppet of the US.

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