Rev Al Gets a Response to His Vile Comments & Then There’s Blexit


Instead of being happy for the 400 young black leaders who made it to the White House leadership summit on Saturday, Reverand Al, race-baiter extraordinaire, trashed the entire event. Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA responded.

“Reverend Al, if you really cared about progress in the black community, wouldn’t you be praising this?” he asked.

There were thousands of applications for this summit and these kids are the best of the best. Many of these kids are poor and were thrilled to be in the White House.

Mr. Kirk said, “It’s one of the most contemptible things I have heard him say.”

In case you missed it, this is what Al said.


Candace Owens of Turning Point is launching Blexit — the Black exit from the Democrat Party. They are a threat to Reverend Al who only knows hate and threats. He has lost his way.



  1. God Bless these young Black people. They deserve their chance fora fulfilled life of education, prosperity and happiness. Dems simply want to use them Obama was black. What did he do to help the Black youth. He didn’t even attempt to aid in stopping the slaughter in Chicago–his adopted home. Of course, why would he interfere or care, his friend, the dancer is the mayor so ignores the senseless deaths.

  2. Praise God! these young people will have a memory that will never be taken from them! all children doesn’t matter color of their skin need hope & a vision of what lies in future before them!

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