Rev Al Ranting in VA! Northam Won’t Resign, Fairfax Has a 2nd Accuser


Update at the end includes a statement by Justin Fairfax

Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, who was the heir apparent to Gov. Northam, has a second accuser. Since Democrats think an accusation is the same as proof, Fairfax is toast. It’s odd that we haven’t heard the crazies banging on doors, screaming, “I believe the woman.” In any case, this woman. Meredith Watson, says she was raped by Fairfax in 2000 while they were both students at Duke University.

She immediately told friends and classmates at the time and there is documentation. Ms. Watson, through her attorney, said she has no desire to become a media personality nor is she seeking compensation. Her only motive is to fulfill her civic duty.

Ms. Watson wants him to resign.

Former governor McAuliffe wants him to resign also.

Ben Jacobs is a reporter for the Guardian and he says he has the documentation.

Miserable Rev. Al Sharpton was in Virginia demanding Governor Northam resign over the black face/KKK photo from 35 years ago, however, Governor Northam said Friday he will not resign. He might as well stay. The second in line has two sexual assault complaints and the third also performed in blackface. The next in line is a Republican. We can’t see Democrats giving up that seat to a Democrat.


Race-baiting Rev. Al was in Virginia demanding that Northam resigns over his white supremacy.

Al said if he [Northam] sinned, he must pay for that sin. What a sorry joke hearing that from Al. Al just wanted to race bait.

Al still hasn’t paid for his many sins. Has he paid his taxes yet? Love it when people in glass houses throw stones. Why do people like this man keep going? He destroyed peoples’ lives over Tawana Brawley. He worked undercover for the FBI after getting caught engaging in criminal acts.

The bad reverend won’t condemn Lt. Gov. Fairfax or AG Herring, just Northam.


We were twitter surfing and found this enlightening message from crazy Al. He’s a slightly less crazy racist than Louis Farrakhan. This is his message for us:


Fairfax’s spokeswoman, Lauren Burke, told The Washington Post that “we’re calling for an investigation on all of these matters.” She said Fairfax would have a further response later.

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joseph l boggs
joseph l boggs
5 years ago

seriously has this man paid his taxes? if he hasn’t, why not?

Norman Gardner
Norman Gardner
5 years ago

This piece of crap still hasn`t paid his taxes. He had a buddy in the white house for 8 years and visited over 80 times. Reality is every time he opens his stupid mouth he embarrasses black people.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Ridiculous showing of pure hypocrisy from a loudmouth race monger.