Revolting! TED Talk Speaker Says Pedophilia Is a Normal Sexual Orientation


TEDx hosted a medical student at the University of Würtzberg in Germany claiming that pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation. It’s “just like heterosexuality.”

The title of Mirjam Heine’s talk, which she gave this past May, was “Why our perception of pedophilia has to change.” In it, she argued that “pedophilia is an unchangeable sexual orientation, just like… heterosexuality.”

If exploiting young children and ruining their lives is a natural inclination, why not say the same about rape? There is no difference.

Anyone could be born a pedophile,” she told the audience.

So, who the hay cares? It’s wrong and it’s unacceptable.

Heine blames that society for increasing child sexual abuse by shunning pedophiles.

She doesn’t want to increase the suffering of pedophiles by shunning or mocking them. If we increase their isolation, we cause them to act out their sexuality.

She’s a kook.

“We should accept that pedophilia is a sexual preference … We shouldn’t increase the suffering of pedophiles by excluding them, by blaming and mocking them,” says crazy Mirjam.

She wants us to accept them as normal.

She does admit that abusing children is wrong at least.

Mirjam wants us to make pedophiles feel comfortable and accepted as valuable members of society.

Will kooks like Mirjam one day say serial killers can’t help it, it’s their natural inclination and we should accept them as valuable members of society?

Pedophilia is not normal and should never be accepted! The day these pedophiles are accepted and treated as normal, the problem will get far worse. They will be everywhere.

Let the pedos play with your kids honey.

  • We are to believe that pedophiles are victims at birth. People learn that behavior, just like any other vice or fault. Look what the western counterculture movement of the 60s has turned into.

  • There is NO justification for pedophilia. It is twisted and wrong like many other sick things being pushed at us these days. This person is obviously a pedophile herself. SICK!.