Revolution Continues in Venezuela! Maduro Shuts Down CNN & BBC

Juan Guaido

On Wednesday morning, Juan Guaido called for people to take to the streets. So far, Nicolas Maduro is declaring victory and said Guaido was defeated. So far, the military has not defected.

Guaido is himself a socialist and his countrymen like freebies.

Late Tuesday afternoon, CNN and the BBC were taken off the air as the revolution turned very violent. Nicolas Maduro has lost all support except for the Russians, Cubans, and other foreign forces he has imported.

Maduro was ready to flee to Cuba but Russia and Cuba convinced him to remain in office. President Trump has warned Cuba to stop military operations helping Maduro.

Juan Guaido continued his march westward through Caracas, largely unopposed, but without the military support he says he has.



  1. BBC and CNN???? Can we have Maduro here in Britain so we can get rid of those two fake communists news outlets for good please.

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