Revolutionaries Rejoice: Cleveland Officers Could Spend Their Lives in Jail for a Deadly Error


Activists – revolutionaries – demanded that two Cleveland officers be charged with murder for killing 12-year old Tamir Rice who was walking in a park waving a BB gun that was missing the orange tag indicating it was a toy.

It was a horrible tragedy but it’s not a case of two police officers deliberately going out to kill a 12-year old boy.

The activists are thrilled that two police officers are being accused of murder for an accidental shooting by an African-American judge.

Why are they so overjoyed that two officers might spend the rest of their lives in jail for a mistake? There’s something wrong with their values system. This is not a case for rejoicing. Some in the media are also ecstatic.

Activists in Ohio, no matter how dangerous and radical, can now file affidavits with the court alleging an offense . They did so on behalf of Tamir Rice and Judge Ronald B. Adrine prejudged the case, saying the officers needed to be charged with murder in the case of one officer and negligent homicide in the other.

The radicals involved in the protests and the revelry over the accusations includes the usual occupiers, black liberation groups and revcom. Check out the signs

Revolutionary Communist Party

more communists

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Revcom stands for the Revolutionary Communist Party.

The media was careful to omit the fact that the Revolutionary Communists were part of this demand to arrest both officers for murder.

Bottom line – police can no longer make a mistake and they are at the mercy of revolutionaries and judges with an agenda.

Tamir rice

Tamir shortly before his death.

The radicals wanted Cleveland police officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback charged with murder for Rice’s death. Ronald B. Adrine, a Cleveland municipal judge, wrote in an administrative order released Thursday that in his opinion Loehmann should be charged with murder, involuntary manslaughter and reckless homicide. He also wrote that Garmback should be charged with negligent homicide, according to the Washington Post.

Prosecutor Timothy McGinty plans to take the case to the grand jury.

The officers contend that they thought it was a real gun. The officers had been called to the park when someone reported a young man with a weapon. The officers said they feared for their lives and killed the young man who turned out to only be 12. He or someone had removed the orange sticker that shows the toy gun is a toy.

Tamir making gang signs

Tamir Rice

The police allegedly shot the boy within seconds of arriving on the scene which was the cause of the complaint.

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