Revolutionary Communist Party Stirs Up Riots in Chicago Over Cop Shooting



Police officers chased an armed black man in Chicago who reached for a gun in his waistband. The police then shot and killed 37-year old Harith Augustus. They released the body cam footage which shows Augustus was armed and ready to kill the officers.

Do look at the videos of the body cam footage released by police and the protests that followed to get the full picture.

Fine upstanding citizen and would-be cop killer, Harith Augustus.

The proof that this was a legitimate shooting made no difference at all to the Democrat revolutionaries protesting. The protesters/rioters showed up and then they got rowdy, screaming that cops are shooting down unarmed black men. They chanted like trained drones.

Eventually, they injured four officers…so far.

What the media is not mentioning is the fact that many in the crowd are members of The Revolutionary Communist Party.

This photo was posted on the website of the Revolutionary Communist Party, Notice the t-shirts they are famous for wearing. These are in Spanish. They’ve been winning over Hispanics who actually come from oppressed nations.
From our videos, check the tees
Video screenshot, notice the t-shirt
People wearing the Revcom t-shirts are clearly visible
The revolutionaries are easy to spot.
Watch the body cam video and the protest after:

The revolutionaries are stirring up trouble with misinformation. The leaders run around spreading lies to the useful idiots. A lot of these revolutionary leaders are white so don’t think this is a black thing. They take advantage of poor blacks who don’t get accurate information but get the “facts” from the local barber who heard it from some leftist.

Watch the revolutionaries stir things up among the uninformed:

The Sentinel won’t link to but we will give you the title of one of their articles that is replete with lies — “Chicago South Side: Pigs Gun Down Another Black Man—People Get into the Streets in Outrage:“The whole damn system is guilty as hell!”

There are other crazies with them, including an anti-semitic pro-Palestine group. But it’s mostly driven by revcom. They drove riots in New York City a few years back as well and are seen in Ferguson, Florida, wherever there is trouble.

The problem with Democrats is they will not disavow them and have embraced their antics. The media knows full well who are stirring up the protests/riots/hate, but they will not mention it.

The left wants you to think cops are shooting down innocent black men. It’s a get out the vote drive at the expense of uninformed people.

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Mark Webb
Mark Webb
4 years ago


(Dead Right There)

Don McCoy
Don McCoy
4 years ago

Patriots have remained calm…but at some point we’ll be done accepting this radical Leftist mob-rule and mob violence. These Red SOBs are confident because we allow them to rampage unchecked. But our patience is not without limit.

4 years ago
Reply to  Don McCoy

They would like nothing better than to be met with violence. THEN the MSM would be there in force, covering it like flies on crap.

4 years ago

This morning on an ABC news radio update on the protests, they of course failed to mention the video evidence that this guy was ARMED.

herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Mobs have no mindset to think, are driven by feelings/emotions which are easily manipulated by agitators. “The Democrat Party is the party of the mob, irrespective of what the mob represents. The twisting of truth, stirring of passions, demonizing of opponents, and relying on propagandistic images in lieu of ideas–these are the remarks of a mob leader.” Per ‘Demonic’ by Ann Coulter.

Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
4 years ago

Well Said; Ann Coulter has more common sense in her little fingertip than all of the Brains in the Democratic Party. (Ask Hillary she said Dem voters are the dumbest on earth).
As far as the violence and the mobs are concerned: Where are a few 200Lb per Square inch fire hoses when you need them. These mobs are going to keep pushing uniti;l we have had enough and then they will be screaming for mercy, but there will be no mercy…………………..