Revolutionary Communists, Domestic Terrorists, Assorted US-Haters Now Use Fascist Tactics

Donald Trump at Fayetteville Rally
Donald Trump at Fayetteville Rally

Whatever you think of Donald Trump, the tactics being used against him should be concerning to freedom loving Americans.The leftists who are imposing their will on the public are also resorting to fascist tactics against Trump and we’d better get used to it. Whoever the Republican candidate is, the far-left will proceed with hate and viciousness.

While Trump is making inappropriate comments, what the far-left is doing is so much worse. They are totalitarians who are shutting down free speech. They are violent and dangerous. They are not protesters.

Last week during a Trump rally in Fayettville, a Black Lives Matter protester gave the crowd the middle finger which led to a 78-year old man sucker-punching him in the face as he walked by. The attacker later said in a showy, blustery fashion that next time they might kill the protester. He’s been arrested as he should have been. However, the protesters who went charging through the large crowd in Fayettville were able to disrupt, threaten, intimidate and verbally assault people without the media are being given a pass.

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office investigators said Monday that might file a charge of inciting a riot against Trump though it’s not likely to proceed.

The fact that the Black Lives Matter protesters were there to start a riot seems to have passed right over their heads. Cumberland County Sheriff Earl R. Butler, first elected in 1994, is a registered Democrat, unsurprisingly.

Trump told Wolf Blitzer on Monday that he does not condone violence as he was pressed on the Fayetteville incident.

That is what is getting all the attention, but the communists, People4Bernie, and other Soros militants going to the rallies to start riots are not getting any attention to speak of.

The reds at the Chicago rally are fascists calling Trump the fascist.

RebelPundit’s Jeremy Segal and Andrew Marcus, director of the motion picture Hating Breitbart, documented what these protesters were saying and doing.

They filmed: the Revolutionary Communist Party USA figures, domestic terrorist and Obama-mentor Bill Ayers, faculty from the University of Illinois-Chicago, anarchists, and other professional radical organizers.

The protest itself was violent and hate-filled, organized with mass-produced posters and t-shirts for attendees, designed not to voice a counter opinion but to intimidate, mock, belittle, and shut down the ability of rally attendees to hear a presidential candidate, the Rebel Pundit reported.

Terrorist Bill Ayers comments in the video that the “protest” action was “driven by a Fire from Below.” A young woman says “time to pick up the gun, the revolution has come.”

We are all ignoring the leftists destroying our culture.

Beware: Vulgar language from these hate-filled leftists who hate America.

Newt Gingrich was on Sean Hannity’s radio show this afternoon explaining that the left has decided to use the tactics of fascists. It’s an interesting discussion.

The hard left will go crazy if Trump is on the ticket because they will see “the end of their world”, Gingrich said. The power structure that has profited from the corrupt system in DC will not go quietly or easily. We can either continue along and let the country decay and tolerate the left imposing its values or we’re in for a long fight, he concluded

At the beginning, Newt is talking about Governor Walker.


Source:WGNTV and Rebel Pundit

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