Revolutionary Marxist Could Win Mike Pompeo’s Congressional Seat in Deep Red Kansas


“I was inspired to run by Bernie.” ~ Kansas congressional candidate James Thompson

The Democrat Socialists of America (DSA) boast 20,000 members and they are actively engaged in putting Marxists in office. One of those is James Thompson who is running for Mike Pompeo’s old seat and, as a veteran in a red state, he has a decent shot. This could be a big PR win for the Bernie leftists.

The man is a revolutionary and admits it, but portrays it as a fight against corruption and wealth.

The hill reported that Vice President Pence is stepping into Kansas’s special House election, recording a robocall urging Republican voters to cast their ballots for the party’s congressional nominee on Tuesday, the Washington Examiner reported on Friday.

The robocall comes amid shaky support for Kansas State Treasurer Ron Estes who is said to have run a low-energy campaign with terrible ads. Senator Ted Cruz is making an appearance in Kansas on Monday, according to the Kansas City Star.

The former civil right’s attorney is a Marxist on every issue and was inspired to run by Socialist Bernie Sanders.

“I’m totally new to politics—I was inspired to run by Bernie. After the election, I decided to get out from behind my Facebook keyboard and try to make a difference, so I decided to run for office, he told the leftist publication, The Nation.

Mike Pompeo was called the Koch congressman and Thompson is running on “not the billionaires” ethic of Sanders’s 2016 presidential bid.

Allegedly, he was raised in poverty and quit high school to support his family because they were living in a van.

The GOP is engaged in a media blitz to protect the seat in tomorrow’s special election.

Like so many Marxists, he uses the Constitution when it comes in handy to further his candidacy and hide what he really is.

“It’s in the first sentence of the Constitution—promote the general welfare,” says Thompson. “We must provide a certain level of safety for everybody… make sure it’s accessible.”

He’s portraying the Republicans as crony and corrupt, catering to the rich.

The Nation reports: Thompson, who introduced Sanders at the February gathering, wears his endorsement from Our Revolution, the group Sanders backers formed last year, as a badge of honor. Along with a growing number of first-time candidates this year, he says: “Bernie Sanders’ message spoke to me. He talked about progressive values. He talked about health care for all. He talked about returning the working class to prominence in this country.”

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton reported that the DSA wants to “Punch Trump in the gut”…to deliver a shock defeat in the first Congressional election since Donald Trump won the presidency in November 2016. To this end, the socialists are heavily backing Democratic candidate James Thompson in a deep red district.

The biggest concern is the GOP is expecting a low voter turnout and the leftists are energized.

The fact that this is even possible is alarming. This is how Marxists turned our cities into left-wing hellholes despite not having the support originally. They get into these positions and put their policies in place while controlling the media reports of what they are actually doing.



  1. I believe this would be the district in Wichita. It is considered the “Air Capital” because of all the airplane manufacturers there. Boeing is one aircraft company there. As a result there are more unions there than any other place in Kansas. I don’t know how much that will affect the outcome. The aircraft industry goes through layoffs and recalls on a regular basis so that may be a fear for the area. The KC area has auto plants and they are generally more stable over time.

    There is also the ‘state’ of the State after Gov Brownback pushed through “conservative” policies which has left the State in financial straights. The conservatives removed the income tax burden on businesses which was suppose to create incentives to spur growth. As a result many of the conservatives who pushed this were voted out. They’ve had to take money from the Transportation budget to meet the requirements in the education department. As a result the individual tax payer is bearing an undue burden.

    He increased certain sales taxes which have proven not to bring in the necessary revenue. In the county that I’m in the sales tax on goods are almost 10% which is counter productive considering Missouri has a much lower rate. Those of us who are in the KC area can go across State Line and take advantage of the lower taxes.

    We were fortunate enough to get rid of Sebelius but the alternative isn’t much better. I’ve never understood how a state which has a significant poor population has such over bearing taxes. This may be the impetus that propels this character, Thompson, into the House.

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