Revolutionary Open Borders Group Tries to Silence Border Patrol


Revolutionary leftists shoving open borders down our throats are moving to silence the overwhelming majority of border agents by pushing them out of the AFL-CIO.

The extremist group, Not1More, an open borders group, are, according to the leftist HuffPo outlet, are behind the effort to get the AFL-CIO to kick out the National Border Patrol Council which will make them even more vulnerable to government abuse.

In case you are wondering, the name Not1More stands for not deporting one more illegal alien from the US.

Breitbart reported that this has been ramped up since the (NBPC) endorsed Donald Trump for President. The organization never endorsed a candidate before but did so because of the seriousness of the massive illegal immigration which includes drug cartels and Other Than Mexicans from terrorist nations. They believe they can hold Trump accountable to do something.

The union for the Border Patrol is the only real outlet the agents have to tell the public what is going on at the border. There is no other way really to get this information out.

The open borders traitors and foreigners now have an online petition to the AFL-CIO to boot the NBPC from the union.

They demonize the agents who risk their lives every day despite the fact that the president does not have their backs.

The petition says:

By endorsing Trump, Border Patrol endorses a racist, xenophobic and misogynist campaign that advocates mass deportation, torture, state-sanctioned discrimination against Muslims, subordination of women, and more broadly undermines the values and goals of the labor movement.


There’s no room for hate in the house of labor.

This is a disgusting lie and it’s being orchestrated by foreigners and leftist traitors.


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