Revolutionary Communist Progressive Party, Anarchists Behind NYC Protests


We can thank Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Bill de Blasio, Al Sharpton and others in the administration for bringing anarchists, revolutionary communists and other assorted radicals to New York City to rally against alleged racism in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

When anyone looks at the photos of the “chokehold” and the corresponding video, the death of Eric Garner looks like an abuse of power that led to a man’s death, but no one has yet seen what the grand jury saw and no one has enough information to offer a sound judgment, only an opinion based on limited knowledge.

However, there is zero evidence that it was racial, but for political reasons, it is being made into a case of racism by the administration, the race hustlers, the anarchists and the communists.

Eric Garner’s daughter Erica said this is not a black-white issue, it’s an issue of a cop abusing his power.

The supervisor who was present at the scene where Garner was “taken down” is a black woman who testified that she thought she heard him say he couldn’t breath but he appeared to be okay. That debunks the racism charge.

Black supervisor

In order to further his agenda, Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Comrade de Blasio have encouraged the same violent extremists we saw in Ferguson to rally in New York City.

Anonymous – the anarchists – have a well-funded campaign to overthrow the government. Check out their not-very-grassroots and professional, lighted signs below.


When I observed at Occupy Wall Street, revolutionary communists (some who teach at CUNY), were training and providing funds to these radicals.

The radical anti-Semitic, faux Palestine supporters are also in New York:

radical islamists

The communist party is very much a presence and has been since the outset. Thank you Obama, Holder and Sandinista Bill!

The Revolutionary Communist Progressive Labor Party was present in last night’s NYC rally.

If you go to their website – which you can google – you will find articles like this:

Eric Garner – Murdered by the KKKops!

Marchers Indict Racist NYPD Murderers of Eric Garner

Manifestantes Acusan al NYPD Racista del Asesinato de Eric Garner

Link Racist Killings to Capitalism

Política de la Policía Racista Asfixia, Asesinando, a Trabajador Negro

Colombia PL’ers Back Ferguson Rebels


They are luring in the communist Hispanics pouring across our borders and are in close contact with South American communist leaders.

They make it clear on their website, which I will not link to, that they have been fully involved in the vigils, rallies and demonstrations for the “racist killings” of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

These are some of the same people who were at the Occupy Wall Street rallies.

Communists like to chant. They passed out chant sheets at the rally for Eric Garner and Michael Brown last night.

There was a lot of chanting at the Occupy Wall Street rallies also. The way it works is the communist and anarchist leaders call out chants and the followers repeat them like drones appearing to be without the power of independent thought. It’s part of their training so they are ready to hit the streets like so many Marxist-Leninist soldiers.

They have only one purpose – to overthrow our government.

During Occupy Wall Street, the Days of Rage, I was told repeatedly that they had only one goal – to overthrow the government. It is their “dream” they said.

While Barack Obama enjoyed the support of the Communist Party USA, this group doesn’t see him as radical enough and they believe he is an Imperialist, though they agree with him that racist cops are killing innocent blacks.

Check out the chant sheet:

chant sheet

Check out the communist and anarchist youth – who, in many cases, live and go to school in New York City. Listen to their insane chanting:

Wayne Dupree – News Ninja 2012 – – received a call from an observor at the rally testifying that many there had pre-printed signs with RedCom (Revolutionary Communist Party) in bold letters. They were one of the groups behind the protest last night.


Please go to Wayne Dupree Show for more information.

Photo of the flag with the communist symbol came via Wayne Dupree’s Facebook page.