What Rex Tillerson Did With Iran Is What Finally Got Him Fired


We all witnessed the many issues Tillerson publicly disagreed with the President on, including: talking with North Korea, canceling the Paris Climate Accord, the response to Charlottesville, the moving of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, calling the President a “moron”, and the Iran nuclear deal of which Tillerson was apparently a fan. In the end, it is what he finally did with Iran that got him fired.

Tillerson went rogue.

Adam Kredo of The Washington Free Beacon tells us the firing looked abrupt and without warning to us, but it was the result of months of infighting. For months, Tillerson tried to save the Iran nuke deal in defiance of his boss, the President.

Tillerson Caved in Defiance of the President

Tillerson was spearheading the effort with European allies to stop Iran’s ICBM program and continued nuclear research. While Trump pushed to tighten the deal, sources told Free Beacon that Tillerson caved. He gave in to European pressure to walk back demands, appease Iran, and preserve the deal.

The deal allows Iran to become a nuclear power at the end.

For weeks, the White House warned Tillerson’s senior staff that saving the deal by ignoring Trumps key demands would cost him his job.

While Tillerson’s job had been in danger for months, his decision to defy the White House in pursuit of his own diplomatic strategy, particularly regarding Iran, triggered his sudden exit.

Informed sources said the White House told Tillerson on Friday that Trump was seeking to make a change.

The source said Tillerson put his entire reputation on the nuke deal.

“Tillerson staked his position on saving the Iran deal by threading the needle. He promised the president he could strengthen it enough to be good, but not so much the Europeans would backlash or the Iranians would bolt,” said the source, who would only speak about the sensitive matter on the background. “That was always going to be tricky, then it became impossible, then it became embarrassing. The Europeans weren’t giving us enough on missiles and were refusing to budge on sunsets. And so here we are.”

Then Tillerson’s undersecretary for public diplomacy, Steve Goldstein, said Tillerson didn’t know why he was fired, although he was well aware that the warnings were sent for months. He was fired too.

The left isn’t used to seeing anyone fired, ever, for any reason. It caused a furor.

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