RFK Jr. Plots to Lure Republicans In with TikTok Influencers


According to a Free Beacon report, RFK Jr.’s campaign is hiring a communications firm led by a former Vivek Ramaswamy staffer to enlist TikTok influencers. The only reason to do it is to influence Republicans to vote for him.

Kennedy’s campaign in March paid nearly $10,000 to Total Virality LLC for “Influencer Engagement,” federal records reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon show, Beacon wrote. Vivek’s former staffer, Zachery Henry, runs it.

That is likely why Donald Trump is going after RFK lately. RFK is pursuing his voters. Trump believes he’s a “plant.”

Kennedy said, “I take more votes from President Trump than I do from President Biden.” It seems to be a goal.

Conservatives like his stand against mandatory vaccines and totalitarianism. However, he supports reparations, gun control, imprisoning energy company executives, and abortion to the moment of birth. He’s praised Farrakhan and AOC’s Green New Deal. RFK has always supported Democrats and voted for them. He greatly admires Bernie Sanders. RFK is very far left trying to lure in susceptible Republicans.

He wants the government out of abortions with women totally in charge.

I tknew he was far left, but honest. Now, I don’t think he’s even honest.

If this is accurate, RFK’s efforts to look electable to Republicans is working.

He thinks Republicans are stupid to believe in God.

Donald Trump makes a good point here. Something is going on with RFK and the never Trumpers supporting him.

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