Rhodes sides with Iran & Rep. Crenshaw OBLITERATES him


Lying Ben Rhodes, infamous for admitting to lying to sell the Iran Nuke deal, has taken Iran’s side in the recent escalation by the terror nation. There is reportedly incontrovertible evidence Iran is responsible for the recent attacks on two tankers. Rhodes believes Iran and no one in the United States hierarchy.

He almost screamed false flag and one must wonder who he thinks actually did it.

Along came Dan Crenshaw who took him to the woodshed for an old fashioned lickin’:

Rhodes is a creative writing major who knows squat about national security and he is hardly the person to defy the Intel community. Crenshaw nailed him on that.

As far as the tankers, it was hardly “manufactured,” and there really is no other likely culprit.

If anything the President has been very constrained with the world’s leading sponsor of terror. He doesn’t want any more wars.

Democrats were naive or worse in signing on to that nuclear deal and they keep trying to resuscitate it. Crenshaw punctured that goal too.

Crenshaw’s response was a TKO!

Others have stated the obvious as well and to anyone paying attention, it’s Rhodes who looks the fool.


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