Rich NIMBYS Sue to Stop a Homeless Shelter


A coalition of residents from a very, very wealthy, liberal/leftist haven of San Francisco, are trying to use their own ridiculously strict environmental laws to block the construction of a homeless shelter on the city’s shoreline.


The coalition, called Safe Embarcadero for All, filed suit in Sacramento on Wednesday. They say city officials never obtained approval for the shelter from the State Lands Commission, a statewide environmental agency that “manages 4 million acres of tide and submerged lands and the beds of navigable rivers, streams, lakes, bays, estuaries, inlets, and straits.”

“The coalition … had been threatening for months to bring the case as the planned homeless shelter, proposed for a parking lot on the Embarcadero, wound its way through the approval process. They raised at least $100,000 and organized robust protests at city meetings since Mayor London Breed first proposed it in March,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

“There’s no question that there is a big problem in the city, but the homelessness problem has to be solved in compliance with the law and that’s what the city is not doing here,” attorney Peter Prows said to the Times.

The San Francisco residents are getting tired of the homeless situation. That is understandable but they are voting for this over and over. They want it in other peoples’ neighborhoods.

The litigants are getting creamed by their fascist friends.

They set up a GO FUND ME page.



  1. Need homeless and illegal alien shelters in the Palisades section of DC, Potomac Maryland, McLean Virginia, Woodmoore Maryland, and Georgetown DC.

  2. Okay, this would be too funny if it were not so sad. Is the nonsense coming to an end? Maybe. It will take a change of the commiecrats in the SF city government to make it happen. And other places, as well.
    Time for common sense, logic and rational thought to take over from these disastorous leftists policies.
    Just sayin’.

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