Richmond Communists Call for Violence at Trump Rallies


anti-Fascism commies

There is a new violent revolutionary communist group in Richmond who are trying to shut down free speech in the area, particularly if Donald Trump and his supporters are involved.

Oh the irony of Fascists who decry people who want to speak freely as Fascists.

Richmond Struggle are opposed to Capitalism, earned income, whites, and they believe in militant opposition to the misogynists and white supremacists they’ve conjured up in their minds.

In the “about” section on their website, explain themselves:

On one level, capitalist society isolates and divides us from each other. We can depend on no one but the dollars in our pocket in order to survive, and we compete with one another in the labor market for jobs.

But at the same time, capitalism itself organizes the exploited working class. The very fact we negotiate our wage means that the development of organization of the exploited class is tolerated. This would be unthinkable under previous systems, such as slavery or feudalism.

This opens a path along which revolutionary class organizations might be forged.

We must draw upon revolutionary examples from the past – from the Black Panther Party to the Chinese Revolution – and begin to seize our power by uniting all who can be united and organizing ourselves. The working class has an accumulated history and experience. There are also scattered acts of resistance. We must transform these revolts, these experiences, these acts, into a power for all the exploited and oppressed. We must consolidate a camp of anti-capitalist workers and oppressed nationality people that collectively thinks and acts: the proletariat.


We must collectively think and act in order to link our daily struggles for survival to the need for mass organizations. Only such organizations will allow us to grow our power with a view to building a revolutionary movement that can eventually seize state power.

These are the people Barack Obama and the Democrats have promoted. They want a nasty little army. The media and their representatives in government will turn around and blame the victims. San Jose had the same kind of people and it was successful with politicians like the San Jose mayor and various Democrats blaming Trump, so we can expect to see more and we did in Richmond last night.

These are the people empowered by the Obama regime.

This group has a Facebook page and their rants are the same as we heard from the Occupiers on Wall Street and elsewhere.

The flyers they handed out clearly called for violence, only in richmond, the police did their jobs unlike in San Jose where they were told to stand down.


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