Rick Perry Goofs with Goofy Al Franken – Funny!


The former governor of Texas Rick Perry is known for some pretty funny goofs but he’s a competent man. The goof in this video was good-natured. It’s funny!

We’ve included a couple serious soundbites that won’t end up on Saturday Night Live.

When asked about preserving climate science research, Perry said,

“I’m going to protect all of the science related..whether it’s to the climate or to the other aspects of what we’re going to be doing.

You asked about cyber, and I will suggest to you DoE has a massive role to play in that. And it’s — it’s an area that I also have a history with, senator, of being…working with the private sector, working with, in my case, state government entities.

But the DoE will allow me to go to a new level, if you will, of engagement, to find the ways to protect. And — and I’ll be honest with you, senator, I don’t care who it is, what players, whether it’s a formal state or whether it is a group that is loosely associated, that if they’re trying to penetrate into Americans lives, whether it’s private citizens or whether it’s at the highest levels of our government, you will see me engaged in a activities at the Department of Energy working across agencies for that matter.”

Senator Bernie Sanders asked if he would ban nuclear testing and he responded that it would be preferable to not test.

“That’s where I was getting to is that obviously, the scientists that we have at the DoE, the scientists we have in the private sector, I’m going to rely upon their observations of whether there is clear technical ability to use the technology that we have today. I think anyone would be of the opinion that if we don’t ever have to test another nuclear weapon, that would be a good thing, not just for the United States, but for the world.”

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