Ringing Endorsement! Rand Paul Says the Healthcare Bill Is a Lot Less Bad


Fox News host Neil Cavuto asked Senator Rand Paul about the new version of the Republican healthcare bill – the AHCA. He responded with a less than ringing endorsement.

“I think the House Freedom Caucus made the bill a lot less bad. But what I’m still concerned with is, this will be the first time that Republicans have affirmatively put their stamp of approval on a program where federal government money is paid to insurance companies … it boggles my mind how that became a Republican idea … it’s gonna take a little bit of work to get me to a “Yes” vote but I do have an open mind … I really want to repeal it [Obamacare], I just don’t want to replace it with Obamacare Lite”.

Senator Ted Cruz was a little more positive. He issued a statement saying it is “an important first step”, but the Senate “should continue to improve the bill”. He praised the House Freedom Caucus for its efforts to make it better than its predecessor, Ryancare, the first failed bill. The Freedom Caucus, he said, led the fight.

Charles Krauthammer paints a bleak picture and says that the Republicans are no longer arguing for a free market based system and “in less than seven years we will be in a single payer system”. If he is correct, kiss America as we knew it goodbye.

Republicans say this will not happen – they are trying to drive private markets and find plans everyone can buy into.

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