RINO calls for Trump’s SURRENDER As Democrats Set Traps


Some on the right have been very weak in repelling the efforts by Democrats and other never-Trumpers to overturn the 2016 election. Today, we even have some calling for surrender or showing signs of shifting sides. We have to fight those who would give in.

This President never had a honeymoon period after his election, quite the opposite. Barack Obama and his minions made certain there was no peaceful transition of power. The Obama administration spied on him, created a fake dossier, and a two years + fake probe attempting to tie him to Putin. Now they are turning an innocuous Ukraine phone call and political move into a conspiracy while conspicuously ignoring the Bidens.

The Obama embeds slow-walked all executive orders and the Democrats in Congress wouldn’t let him appoint his staff.

They won’t sign trade deals and fight him on every single thing he does.

Now they are trying to pin the results of this divisive mess they created on the President, not only with a beefed-up Ukraine problem but also with other issues like immigration.

For example, Democrats made immigration into a racial and political issue. They want open borders and have the policies to do just that. After all that they have done to make illegal immigration political, PBS Frontline is going to blame the President for turning immigration political. They have a propaganda film coming up tonight called Frontline, Zero Tolerance.  The show is pure gaslighting.


Then we have a so-called journalist at The Washington Examiner, Fred Barnes pinning this Ukraine mess on Trump, quoting anonymous people calling him names like egotistical and bombastic, and suggesting he resign — wave the white flag, let the wrongdoers win.

“It will worsen,” Barnes writes, “We’ve never had an impeached president running for a second term. Might Trump step down to avoid putting the country through this ordeal? Knowing what we do about him, there’s no chance of that. The 2020 race will be a fight to the death.”

Step down?

There has always been a divide but too many times, true Republicans have taken the easy way out. No more! Right now Trump has far more enthusiastic supporters than he had when he won the Presidency.

Barnes writes, “Assuming the president is impeached, the scene shifts to the Senate, where Republicans have a 53-47 edge. Even if there are GOP defections, Trump should easily survive since a two-thirds Senate vote is required to convict him. For that to happen, it would take the disclosure of powerful evidence of wrongdoing by the president — that is, considerably stronger stuff than the text of Trump’s phone conversation with the Ukrainian president.”

Evidence of wrongdoing??? Based on what? These are the same people who concocted Russia-Trump conspiracies.

Trump is the VICTIM here! He has done nothing wrong.

The choice we are given is to accept these unAmerican tactics for the greater good, or as Barnes wants, just give in for the greater good. We are told to abandon our one chance to beat the socialists because the President is just too bombastic or something. Instead of helping the President in his Democrat-induced tribulations, there are Republicans who won’t help and would rather see the Democrats take over.


This is a coup and this can’t be rewarded.

As Rep. Biggs wrote for The Washington Examiner, “Democrats are seeking to overthrow Trump, duly elected by the voters, with no regard for rules or due process. They might be politicians, but they have more in common with the leaders of a military coup than they think.”

Democrats are preaching communism and socialism. They don’t have one rational candidate and yet, Republicans don’t want to fight. People like Fred Barnes want us to reward this lawlessness.

We can choose star chambers in perpetuity, let the establishment take over, and allow the bureaucrats to eat away at our system and destroy our freedoms or we can let the fighter — Donald Trump — continue fighting.

They have been after this President from day one to destroy the right.


Never give up! Always choose freedom! Fight! We have an imperfect man who is the perfect man for this fight.

During a segment of The Ingraham Angle last night, Rep. Andy Biggs mentioned that Adam Schiff will no longer allow any Republican, including Republican members of his committee to view the transcripts of the hearings. The only reason to do that is to set the President up with a sham impeachment. If they had the evidence of wrongdoing, they wouldn’t have to do this.

This is what they want us to surrender to?

Watch the entire segment:

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Robert Howard
Robert Howard
4 years ago

If the gop members of Congress, especially in the Senate, go along with the insidious impeachment plans the dems have for the President I will be through with the Republican Party forever. Being Marxist Leftist Democrats is one thing, but being spineless fake conservative rinos is by far worse imho.

President Trump will definitely get my vote in 2020 and the only reason why I will be voting straight gop is because he and the 1st Lady have been sending me letters requesting that I do so. Trump will get a 2nd term I am sure, and hopefully the gop will take the House. But irregardless I for one will be looking at the gop with a lot more scrutiny than the dems. Why??? Because very few of gop members of Congress will back President Trump and his policies even when they had the majority in the House. And now it looks as if the gop in the Senate just might cave. PATHETIC!!!

Conservatives wanted a political outsider and this is what we have elected when we voted for Donald Trump, but the gop members of Congress needs to grow a pair or step down.

4 years ago

Fred Barnes: another never-Trumper. He can shove it.
We Trump supporters have not yet begun to fight!

David Newhouse
David Newhouse
4 years ago

The kind of crap that’s going on has been being driven at since 1963 when prayer and study of God’s word were given favor by the judge for atheist… over Christians concerning their saying prayers and studying God’s word interfered with their… freedom of speech and because of them getting favor, actually interfered with the freedom of speech and expression and of the press of Christians. The statement John F. Kennedy made concerning this in the movie “America’s most hated woman” is one of the worst and most damaging statements ever made against the American people!

Vincent Morrie
Vincent Morrie
4 years ago

Barnes was a moderate and long ago took his mask off as an establishment liberal. He had that show Beltway Boys on Fox with Kondracke, week after week adopting liberal & establishment positions.

Due to boredom, the show failed quickly.

I remember his nonsense, for example, in 2006 he put his hands up and conceded that the amnesty bill would and should be passed, so opponents should just give up their foolishness.

That bill was far from passage, never came up for a vote.