RINO John Cornyn Woos Democrats with a Bipartisan Background Check Bill


In the aftermath of the Sutherland Springs massacre, John Cornyn will draft a bill to remind government agencies that it is their duty to report information to the FBI background check system.

Oh that’ll work John, great idea.

He’s calling it bipartisan which means RINOs and Democrats are teaming up to grandstand or conspire.

John Cornyn comes in at number 14 in Conservative Review’s top 25 RINOs. There is absolutely no reason to cave to Democrats on any gun legislation unless it’s a bill to make the Air Force update their system.

Cornyn will offer incentives to get states to cooperate with the Feds. He’s going to bribe them with our tax money. We don’t know what the incentives are but they will no doubt be as completely ineffective as this bill.

Cornyn said, “I believe there is an opportunity for us to work here on a bipartisan basis,” as he invited Democrats to join him in the process.

That means he’s willing to pass some form of gun control as if that would do anything to stop the Air Force from making mistakes and failing to put a maniac’s name in the national database as in the case of Sutherland Springs.

Cornyn is opening a door to the gun grabbers. You would think the Democrats won the election.

We have background checks in place. The big government fell down on the job and allowed the Texas church killer to buy guns, not one, but several guns.

Why is Cornyn wooing Democrats for legislation that is not called for to limit our Second Amendment? Why not state the obvious, the government they love didn’t work and the NRA hero stopped the killer.

Why doesn’t Cornyn pass a bill to force Democrats to enforce gun laws?


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