RINO Murkowski Teams Up with Dems Against Border Security Efforts


Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) on Tuesday decided to join with Democrats in whittling away at the President’s only tool, other than declaring a national emergency, to force Democrats to negotiate on the border wall.

The Alaska senator will vote for the bills Democrats are proposing. That will leave nothing of the shutdown which is aimed at forcing Democrats to secure U.S. borders.

The shutdown is a Schumer Shutdown. He and Pelosi will not negotiate and want all the power, even when they are not in power. They do not accept the fact that Republicans won the election of 2016.

Democrats have no intention of negotiating for the safety of Americans. They want to continue the violent and dangerous invasion at the border. They want power. What they are pushing instead is to pass side bills to fund agencies. Eventually, there will be nothing left of the shutdown.

They hope to get it done by peeling off one weak Republican after another. Even if they can’t succeed, they will get a lot of positive PR among the government workers. After January 14, they will not receive a paycheck. The American public will grow more sympathetic to them as Democrats hope.

Murkowski, barely a Republican, called for an end to the current government shutdown, breaking with President Trump, who has said the government shouldn’t reopen until Congress approves funding for a wall along the southern border.


Murkowski told reporters that there are parts of the government that can reopen. They“don’t have anything to do with border security,” she said. She is playing right into the hands of Democrats.

“The operations of the Department of Interior and the National Park Service or the operations of the IRS and whether or not tax refunds go out don’t have anything to do with border security,” she said. So let’s bifurcate these issues,” Murkowski continued. “Let’s set them aside. Let’s allow for the operations, these governmental functions in these six other departments, allow for them to continue.”

Chuck and Nancy show

Last night, the duo of Chuck and Nancy, who will negotiate on nothing, did not once mention the safety of Americans. Even though The Washington Post found no factual errors in the President’s captivating speech, the two falsely claimed the President gave out misinformation and his comments were filled with malice. That’s exactly what they said in their statement from the day before.

They also insist — what we all know to be a lie — that there is no crisis at the border.

This is who Murkowski is teaming up with, having little regard for the safety of Americans.

In case you missed one of the best memes from their performance last night, here it is:

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3 years ago

What? Alaska doesn’t have an epidemic of Fentanyl deaths every day like the lower 48?
That is 200 people per day, 70,000 deaths per year from that drug, which is not made here.
Apparently Murkowsky doesn’t give a Rat’s backside what happens to her people.

William P Dobbs
William P Dobbs
3 years ago

Move her office to the Texas border.

Sandra Lueder
Sandra Lueder
3 years ago

A terrific idea!

3 years ago

Ignore all RINOs and Democrats regarding the border wall, Mr. President. They are owned by the Deep State. Focus only on what is best for the American people and preserving the sovereignty of our country. Build the wall. Go around Congress for funding, which the Democrats will never agree to provide. Debating this issue with Dems and RINOs is a complete waste of time, because the corrupt, scandal-driven, socialist Democratic Party will never listen to you, President Trump. Dems listen only to Soros and his Deep State, seditious, anti-American thugs. You will never reach their soulless hearts. MAGA!

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Human good is winning going against tradition and border security of our nation.

3 years ago

Of course she doesn’t want border security — that would prevent all those poor women from coming here for free (taxpayer-funded, that is) abortions! And that is Murk’s only concern — more dead babies.