A Cautionary Tale! Rise of the Democrat Party’s Violent Left


The rise of the hard-left in the United States is eerily similar to the rise of communism in Venezuela. It should serve as a cautionary tale.

The Democrat Party “protesters” are often violent and they are often riots. However, the media covers for them and has in only rare cases admitted they are violent. They are quick to blame any counter protester for the violence.

It’s not surprising that we had a near-massacre yesterday, it’s only surprising it hasn’t happened sooner.

Like a craven coward, ducking, dodging, heavily armed, James T. Hodgkinson hoped to commit mass murder on Wednesday, attacking Republicans playing baseball on an open field.

The Bernie Sanders supporter and unionist was a member of several Facebook groups: “The Road to Hell is Paved with Republicans,” “Donald Trump is not my President” and “Terminate the Republican Party.”

His Facebook page read like the talking points of a CNN panel discussion.

He had an arrest record in St. Clair County that included such offenses as damaging a motor vehicle, resisting a peace officer, eluding police, criminal damage to property and driving under the influence, according to the News-Democrat.

He pulled out some of his daughter’s hair. He was possibly mad though his friends said he wasn’t. One thing is undeniable, he is not much different from an Antifa or a Black Lives Matter protester who call for the death of police. He’s different only in degree.

The violent left, once spread out in extremist groups, have joined forces. They are the same people who show up at Republican’s townhalls, who are sometimes violent, and always disrespectful.

Never forget the support Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton gave to the violent rioters in Ferguson, Baltimore and elsewhere.

The vitriol and silent consent to violence by Democrats will lead to the blood and death on the streets that Loretta Lynch called for. There are innumerable examples of the rise of Fascism and violence in the U.S. We included one from the San Jose attacks on Trump supporters. The mayor told the police they could not intervene as the leftist mobs attacked the peaceful Trump protesters.

The violence in the colleges and their refusal to allow free speech is alarming. It is Fascism.

The hard-left has hijacked the Democrat Party.

The party’s hate being spewed in the media day and night has morphed into open violence. The Democrats pay lip service to rejection of violence but have given full support to the Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other radical left groups.

When the Revolutionary Communist Party or domestic terrorist Bill Ayers show up at violent protests, the media is deaf, dumb and blind.

The Sacramento Bee has a story up by an apologist for the violent Democrats. Even he is concerned about the “emergence” of the hard-left. He acts as if it’s only and always been radical Islamists and the right we have had to be concerned about. That’s absurd. The hard-left has always been the violent arm of the Democrat Party and they haven’t suddenly emerged.

They’ve been around since the 1960s, they are prominent in domestic terrorism, on docks with violent union workers, and on May Day marches. They re-emerged under Barack Obama.

Listen to a typical Hollywood leftist but it is vulgar. Patti LuPone says she wouldn’t perform if the President showed up at her show because “I hate the m…..f…er”.

The Republicans aren’t much better in eating their own.

The hate and violence is coming from the left and it’s mostly because the Democratic Party embraces it. It’s growing worse. We are on a path to becoming Venezuela.

We could become Venezuela

President Nicolas Maduro has a plan to take place on July 30 elections for a special assembly to rewrite the constitution, which critics say are stacked in his favour. It undoubtedly will be. He’s a Democratic Socialist like Bernie Sanders who doesn’t really believe in elections.

Anti-government demonstrations in the deteriorating nation once drew turnouts of over a million, but weeks of tear gas and water-cannon blasts have dissuaded casual protesters.

Protests continue over triple-digit inflation, hours long waits to find basic staples like chicken or toothpaste, rampant crime and corruption.

People who oppose President Maduro are being kidnapped off the streets. At least 3,000 have disappeared.

Vice President Pence gets it and has raised his voice on behalf of the Venezuelan people. We could lose our Republic. The violent left is working on it.

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