Rise of Socialism: Beware the Regional Planning Board



Agenda 2030 calls for the takeover of local governments and a reworking of our governing system from the ground up to allow for big government and a full and complete redistribution of wealth and /or resources. At the same time, Barack Obama has put in place a clearly unconstitutional housing rule to help make it happen – the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule.

In a barely-noticed column and written with innocuous language, the greatest danger to our local governments appeared in a Long Island newspaper. It’s been in the works for years and it has been accelerated by the Agenda 2030, only it’s all being done covertly in plain sight. The regional planning board, a group of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats, have taken to planning out a completely different form of taxation and governance. The weapon they will use if people don’t go along is an unaffordable income tax surcharge.

Look for this in your neighborhood. This is only one example of what is afoot. It’s a Socialist takeover from the local government up. We are using Long Island only as an example. It’s a nationwide movement.

The Long Island Regional Planning Council will now “study” overhauling financing of local governments because they say, the current system is “unsustainable”.  If people don’t agree, they will be threatened with an income tax surcharge. They would never consider cutting fraud, waste in government or taxes in general.

They won’t cut taxes and want to keep spending everyone’s money but it’s more sinister than that. It’s redistribution of money from local governments in two counties to a regional governing body. They hope to spread the money around and eventually appoint a city government. All local control will be lost. The school tax money will be dispersed in the same way

The way they plan to get it through is by claiming they suddenly care about overburdened taxpaying residents. .

The Newsday article reads, “the Long Island Regional Planning Council last week quietly accepted proposals for a new study on how to overhaul financing of local governments and schools.”

“The cost of government and the resulting tax burden is a challenge to the economic prosperity of Long Island,” the council stated in soliciting bids. “By the year 2035 … property taxes will consumer over 14 percent of a household income, up from 8.3 percent in 2009. This is considered unsustainable.”

The council’s request for proposals called for a qualified consultant ”to identify and valuate various tax strategies other than the current property tax system” and “research and analyze the best practices utilized in other areas of the country.”

This will take place throughout the country once Hillary is elected and the HUD housing rule is unleashed.

They will tell you their goal isn’t to raise taxes but by taking away local government control, and by making government bigger, .i.e. one government for all of Long Island, the taxes will still be paid and the people will have lost control over their government.

“Our goal is not to increase taxes on homeowners and business, but find a more equitable way of raising revenues for local governments … that will not drive young people and seniors off the island,” said one planner.

They won’t cut the exorbitant taxes in wealthier suburbs, they will spread the money around.

Recommendations in the past included merging services such as police and merging schools. We too could have schools like those in New York City where very few are decent and the unions and politicians run them.

They are talking about an income tax surcharge because New York is now Socialist thanks to New York City and there is nothing they won’t tax or redistribute. Long Island has long been the city’s ATM to finance their Socialist decadence and waste. On LI, they want a 10% surcharge on people making more than $50,000 which isn’t even a livable wage in New York.

When people go to vote, remember it’s our BREXIT. It’s our last chance to take our country back.

The elite are taking over our freedoms and our local control, one town, one city at a time. Look at Long Island, it will soon be you.



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