Rise of Totalitarianism in America! You May Not Smirk or Smile at Them


Covington parents are pulling their children out of the Catholic confirmation ceremony next week unless the Bishop apologizes to the students in MAGA hats falsely accused of taunting a Native American. The prelates and nuns were quick to condemn, making the nothing-burger story about the boys into a worse fiasco, but they still haven’t apologized. Even the Church condemned the boys without giving them any due process. But what is worse, this fiasco was partly based on a boy’s smile.

The media and the left-wing zealots claimed he was smirking, but the boy said he was smiling to let the Native-American know that he was not a threat. But, so what, even if he did smirk? Are we no longer allowed to even smirk at these Orwellian leftists?

The chaperone explained that the boys were just gathered on the steps, waiting for the bus, and, “You know, we had obviously heard the horrific insults that were thrown at our children by the Black Hebrew Israelites…,” she said.

“I don’t know why Nathan Phillips chose Nick Sandmann [the smiling boy]. I think he would have targeted anyone but maybe it was because Nick Sandmann had the courage to look this man in the face and he tried to diffuse the situation by not reacting. And by standing there respectfully.”

The media is not reporting the abuse of the boys. All they talk about is the smiling boy and the poor separatist agitator, Nathan Phillips.

No smiling, no smirking is allowed in the burgeoning Totalitarian USA.

Remember when Rep. Wilson slipped and reflexively called out as Obama lied. Wilson blurted out, “you lie!” All hell broke loose. Obama was lying about giving his namesake healthcare benefits to illegal aliens. Obama knew then, and we all know now, that the left wants illegal aliens to get Obamacare. We are also paying for abortions, which he promised would never happen.

Planned Parenthood killed 11,373 more unborn babies this past year than in 2017. That represents an increase from 321,384 the year before. We can’t touch the hair on an animal’s head, but New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will soon sign a bill allowing the killing of fully-developed nine-month babies for any reason whatsoever.

But we are discussing what we are allowed to do with leftists in charge.

You must remember when Justice Alito shook his head as then-president Obama lied about the Citizen’s United case. The Justice appeared to mouth the words, ‘not true, not true.’ He did that because it wasn’t true. All hell broke loose then too. Obama exaggerated the impact of the decision and lied about it affecting foreign entities. It didn’t matter what the truth was because he was not allowed to disagree.

With all the terrible things the left-wing media and leftists say about President Trump, the right is not allowed to smile, smirk, call out an accusation, or shake a head and mouth words.

Have you got that?

When the fascists go from threatening fines and jail for disagreeing with them and moving on to destroying and threatening peoples’ lives, it’s the next level in a movement towards a totalitarian state. It’s all about power.

All the factors are in place. We have the common enemy — religion, Jews, Christians, white men, the right, white boys.

The propaganda is in place to manipulate the collective, the mob. The media has an incestuous relationship with the political left. The political left also in bed with the corporations and the bad actors who own the media.

The power mongers, the totalitarians, are ready to steamroll the compliant, apathetic populace. Anyone who opposes their mantra will be destroyed.

The last step is total domination.

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