Rising Socialism: More Government Freebies in San Francisco


shouldn't have to choose
The US government, caught up in a rising red tide, gets to decide how to spend your money. For San Francisco and New York – it’s reached a new pinnacle. Tax money and businesses will pay for paid family leave. We all get to pay in the end because the government is going to make you pay for everyone else’s families.

This is how socialism will creep into every state eventually. Politicians will do it for votes in their respective states.

The cost of doing business in San Francisco is already very high and it just got a lot higher. Any employer who has 20 or more employees will be required to pay for up to six weeks of paid family leave for new parents thanks to a unanimous vote by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

These are private businesses that the government should have no say over.

California already guarantees 55% of a person’s salary but San Francisco now demands that businesses now pay the remaining 45% beginning January 2017.

This is aimed at low wage workers which includes illegal immigrants and it is another redistribution of wealth initiative. Higher wage employees have taken advantage of it in the past while lower wage employees haven’t so they are making it more accessible by making businesses pay the remainder.

These socialists are very generous with other peoples’ money.

San Francisco’s Office of Economic Analysis found the ordinance would likely increase household spending, but that it could also “increase the cost of hiring, slow job creation and replacement.” If both men and women took up the benefits, it could cost San Francisco businesses about $32.3 million annually, the office estimated.

“We’re stuck in a position. If we don’t support it, you’re the bad guys,” said Henry Karnilowicz, president of the San Francisco Council of District Merchants Associations, which has about 4,000 members. He called the city proposal “unfair.”

Karnilowicz said new parents can already take a disability leave and six weeks of partially paid parental leave covered by the state. “It’s something that we feel we already have all these other things, having leave and all that. It’s another burden we don’t need,” he said.

The line is always the same – we’re behind the rest of the world. They don’t mention that the rest of the world is socialist or communist.

Barack Obama has condemned Congress for not enacting law to require leave nationwide. He’s a socialist and he’s pushing for the government to pay for anything and everything.

The liberal, high tax states of New Jersey and Rhode Island have also enacted laws requiring paid leave for new parents.

We will all pay in the end and the middle class will be hit hardest. Marxist ideology cannot countenance a middle class.