RNC and DNC Agree to Townhall with Revolutionary Black Lives Matter


The RNC and the DNC have given their blessing to the radical revolutionary groups @BlackLivesMatter and Campaign Zero to host a presidential town hall focused on racial justice.

The GOP needs to do outreach to the African-American community but do they need to do it with radical revolutionaries who want to overthrow the criminal justice system, Capitalism and traditional America? Bill O’Reilly said they act like neo-Nazis on his show last night.

These groups are funded by radical Socialist George Soros who does want to overthrow our system of government.

These crazy groups want the DNC to add a debate but the DNC turned down that request but both parties said they’d schedule a town hall instead.

The groups hate the police and have put their lives in danger and now the GOP is cowering before them?

The DNC invited them to host this event in the first place. Since the DNC has moved way to the far left, it can only help them. The GOP has nothing to gain but disdain from their membership.

‘We believe that your organization would be an ideal host for a presidential candidate forum — where all of the Democratic candidates can showcase their ideas and policy positions that will expand opportunity for all, strengthen the middle class and address racism in America,” wrote Amy K. Dacey, chief executive officer of the DNC, in the letters which were obtained by The Post. “The DNC would be happy to help promote the event.”

The RNC said the following in part: “We continue to encourage our candidates to speak with all voters when given the opportunity,” said Orlando Watson, a spokesman for the RNC. “This presidential candidate forum, like Senator Tim Scott’s town halls, is such an opportunity.”

What opportunity? To speak to far-left revolutionaries who cause mayhem, threaten police, and commit crimes?

Black Lives Matter might not go ahead with it because they actually want the DNC to schedule another debate.

DeRay McKesson, a Black Lives Matter leader, said he has been in talks with DNC and RNC officials to coordinate a presidential town hall including all of the candidates of both major parties. Recently, McKesson taught a class at Yale sanctioning looting like that which took place in Baltimore during the riots which were euphemistically called protests.

These are Huey Newton rioters who are anti-government, anti-police who never stand up for the police. They have never disavowed violence towards police. They are anti-American.

There was an anti-police protest in New York City yesterday and it was scheduled for the day after a police officer was murdered. This is what the GOP wants to cater to? It isn’t bad enough that the Democrats are?


Check out this video via The Gateway Pundit of a Black Lives Matter protest in St. Louis.



Unsurprisingly, all the comrades came out for the one in St. Louis.


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7 years ago

blacks are pathetic wimps.