Rob Astorino Hits a Home Run


Larry Kudlow

Governor Andrew Cuomo is a crook. He’s under federal investigation and he might end up in jail or he might be forced to resign. Despite that, the liberals in New York will vote for him.

Cuomo formed a committee to investigate corruption and then when they got close to him, he disbanded it.

People don’t want Common Core for the most part so Cuomo formed a committee stacked with his people to force it through while pretending its purpose was to examine and fix it.

He loves abortion so much he wants abortion legal up until the moment of birth when there is absolutely no question we are talking about a real live baby.

Cuomo is buying votes with his profligate spending. New York is in deep financial trouble. We will need a bailout eventually.

Cuomo’s not a man of the people. He’s out for himself.

He continually attacks his opponent in the gubernatorial race – Rob Astorino – with lies, portraying him as a criminal. Cuomo might very well be a real life criminal.

Listen to this Larry Kudlow interview with Rob Astorino in two parts. Get his views on fixing the tax code and lowering taxes. It’s a home run! (h/t Jim Soviero for the audio)

Part One:

Part Two:


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