Robber about to machete a police officer shot dead (video)


A machete-wielding suspect was shot seconds before he was about to kill a policeman. He was fatally shot on Monday as he raised his blade in the air to attack a Los Angeles Police Officer.

The machete-wielder had just robbed an auto parts store.

“He walks in and goes over to the batteries and he grabs one, then he walks over to the door and he slams it on the ground and pulls out the machete and he threatens and swings it at us,” AutoZone employee Juan Chaidez told KTLA. “Then he grabbed the battery and runs away.”

The robber then went to a Chick-fil-A and hijacked the Lexus of a customer in the drive-thru lane. By this time, the police appeared and surrounded the vehicle. He took off and smashed into two police vehicles.

He took off running with his machete and the police in hot pursuit.

The criminal suddenly turned back and took off after the officer waving his machete. The officer fled and tripped.

The suspect was standing over him with the machete about to come down on the officer on the ground when officers opened fire.

Three people including the officer on the ground were injured, none seriously.

Warning, Graphic!

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