Robber Baron Administration Looks to Steal Millions of Acres



Land in red is now government-controlled/owned and much of it is off limits to Americans.

Since 1996, the Antiquities Act of 1906 has been abused by the federal government. It has been used to lock up millions of acres of Western land and convert federal land to national monuments. The land can then be used by no one despite the fact that it is not endangered.

More than 50% of the the land in the West and 70% of the land in Utah is owned by the federal government.

Misusing the antiquities law to declare land national monuments takes the land off the tax rolls and prevents any of it from being used by Americans. Seriously, drug smugglers have taken over huge swaths of land.



The government doesn’t allow vehicles on the land, they aren’t protecting it from criminals, and they are keeping Americans off it. It’s environmentalism gone wild. Politicians do it for votes in the end. They don’t have our best interests at heart.

The federal government is about to seize more land in the West, millions of acres, and much of it contains the world’s largest shale oil deposits which are found in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.

Politicians are turning into the robber barons of old. They are nothing more than land thieves. These lands belong to the American people not some bureaucratic entity. Private owners take better care of the land. The government should provide oversight and should not be swallowing up land like Marxists.

The administration takes a clearly Marxist approach to property ownership and use. That’s not what our country is about. Striving for land ownership is the American Dream.

Congressman Rob Bishop, among others, is fighting it. In the next video, listen to him speak about how the land has been used by drug smugglers.

Go to Congressman Bishop’s WEBSITE. One of the lands in danger from OUR OWN GOVERNMENT is the San Rafael Swell.

It’s out of control. There is a happy medium. This land is not in danger. The motives are unethical and their tactics are ruthless and abusive.

The government steals land using trumped up excuses and by abusing their powers; they often don’t pay private owners what it’s worth; they close off public lands to everyone; they close down mineral development except when it suits them; they shut down ranching and farming; they take the land off the tax rolls; they don’t protect the land from the drug smugglers and criminals and wild kids who move in and damage the land: and they don’t keep the land pristine – they don’t have the money or the manpower.

Wake up America!

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