Robbing Hood Obama & His Merry Band of Socialists


Where’s Jay Leno? How about Jon Stewart? Whoever is writing Obama’s material must be a minimum wage comedy writer. According to the Washington Examiner, Obama called Romney’s tax plan “Romney Hood” at a fundraiser in Connecticut because the plan would cut taxes across the board by 20%. Seriously? There’s something wrong with that?

Obama parrots the same irrational arguments every chance he gets. He claims that the poor and middle class will pay $2000 more in taxes to pay for the rich. That would be the rich who pay just under 40% of the taxes, who support free enterprise and provide jobs. And what’s this ridiculous $2000 amount – he just makes this stuff up.

Why anyone would think they are entitled to the money that belongs to the rich is not for me to say.

Obama’s plan to steal from everybody to make us all poor is far better. I love his ideas about raising the debt ceiling to $16 trillion. His Obamacare, which raises premiums and leads to a socialist rationing system, has me all agog.

Who could not be thrilled with all those regulations – a big wow for that one! What about the deferred student loan payments with interest only payment schedules. It’s the next bubble and all taxpayers will be on the hook when the students default.

The 8.3% unemployments is another amazing statistic. It’s Bush’s fault.

How evil of Romney to want to cut our taxes. He’s like Lucifer. Only a devil would want us to keep more of our money. It’s downright unpatriotic. We should all work for the government as they do in those totalitarian countries.

Obama’s latests attack on Romney, which he made while taking time out from crashing the economy, comes from the Tax Policy Center authored by just two people who did “not score Governor Romney’s plan directly, as certain components of his plan are not specified in sufficient detail, nor do we make assumptions regarding what those components might be.” So OBAMA BASED HIS FALLACIOUS CLAIMS ON A REPORT THAT ELIMINATED ROMNEY’S PLAN!!! What the hay?

If Romney is Romney Hood, Obama is Robbing Hood, stealing our money to use as his own. What better name for Obama, he’s stealing from the rich to give to the poor, all his donors, unions and other loyalists, foreign countries and auto makers. Better still, he’s sending money to our enemies so they can purchase weapons to destroy Israel (I thought Obama was anti-weaponry?).

Is this what America is about? Excessive taxation is stealing and overreaching government is totalitarianism.

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