Robert ‘Beto’ O’Rourke Answers the Question of Late-Term Abortion


America Rising PAC posted a video of presidential candidate Robert O’Rourke responding to a question of whether or not he supported unnecessary third-trimester abortions.

America Rising seems to think he dodged the question, but he didn’t. He was clear when he said it should be up to the woman. That brought raucous cheers from the Democrat audience.

This is who the Democrats are now. They support ending the life of a baby through partial-birth abortion until the moment of birth. The fact is that the baby has to be born anyway and there is no reason to ever kill a late-term baby.

Democrats want to be able to end the life of an undesirable baby, one that might have a disease they didn’t know about. Some want infanticide. When Governor Northam talked about infanticide, there were no objections.



  1. It’s time each individual state passed legislation abolishing abortion in its boundaries. If New York wants to be the abortion capital of the world, then so be it. God can punish those who foster this.

    O’Rouke appears to be a candidate who has no emotions of his own. He belongs to the political machine and is willing to only profess exactly what they tell him will win. We the people have come to be able to tell the difference between real heart-felt beliefs (such as Trump) and the manufactured rhetoric of the liberal candidates.

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