Robert De Niro Gets Standing Ovation for Anti-Trump Vulgarities [Video]


Robert DeNiro is trending on Twitter Monday for being bleeped at the Tony Awards as he introduced Bruce Springsteen. DeNiro, a leftist Trump hater and all-around nasty old man, pumped his fist and said “F*** Trump” twice to a standing ovation.

“I just want to say one thing — F— Trump,” De Niro said. Then came the standing ovation and he repeated it. “It’s no longer down with Trump. It’s f— Trump.”

There was overwhelming support from the tolerant, civil left.

The tolerant, civil left are out on social media Monday saying it was “wonderful“. The responses from the left were overwhelmingly supportive of the vulgar, disrespectful rant. One thinks God should bless DeNiro for it:

But God Bless Di Niro. Maybe he should run for president next time. Why not. Trump got elected so why not a movie star. Or how bout we elect the first woman president that actually knows what she is doing and fix this divided country and make it peaceful again

Another said: So let’s make trend

Still anotherBravo! Thanks for expressing the majority of the US’s feelings.

Last but not leastThe two standing ovations tonight: The parkland students singing seasons of love…and Robert de Niro saying “f*** trump”. This is Broadway.

These are the people who want to set America’s values. They want to control the culture and they describe themselves as tolerant, civil, and smarter than the rest of us.

We would be remiss if we didn’t post some of De Niro’s retweets since his performance.



  1. People REALLY must begin to question … such IRRATIONAL HATE… but is it really hate or is it something else.

    I am convinced there are many in Hollywood who are terrified of President Trump.
    Donald Trump has a long list of the Who’s Who of Hollywood pedophiles… and if there’s one thing Trump has NO patience for, it’s pedophilia. After 40 years in the public eye, hob-nobbing with politicians and celebrities of every stripe, BELIEVE he knows….

    Years ago, when Trump was informed Bill Clinton’s pedophile pal, Jeffrey Epstein, was showing up at Mar A Lago, he IMMEDIATELY had him banned from the premises. Mind you, this was long before Epstein was nabbed and prosecuted as a pedophile.

    Those who show the greatest hatred and disdain for our president must ask themselves, why? Is it really just about ideology or are they petrified Trump knows too much about too many?

    And while on topic, question some of the sudden and unexpected, “premature political retirements.” You KNOW they just don’t up and relinquish power for no good reason.

  2. I wonder who wrote that line for this simple minded has been? And I wonder if the writer was both thrilled and somewhat surprised DeNiro actually remembered it in its entirety?

  3. We all should be terrified of tRUMP. He obviously does not believe in the 1st amendment, his actions are racist and bigoted, heartless and cruel. Taking babies and children away from their parents, THAT is hateful and heinous. Plenty more reasons to hate tRUMP, but you idiots have your eyes so squeezed shut, all you can see are your narrow, tunnel vision views. Wake up, trumpettes! The dictator will screw you too, when it suits him. His new tax plan and tariffs have already begun to do it…you are just not educated enough to know it. Educate yourselves, and be a good citizen. Not a hateful, nasty racist pig like our current, short term president, but like a free thinking human being. Then and only then will you be able to make an INFORMED opinion. Deniro a has-been? LOL He is and always will be an acting legend. His talent is unmatched on the big screen. Remembering his lines is tough for him, you think? Idiot. He is an actor. That is what he has been doing for a living for decades. Pretty sure he can memorize lines…though that one was not written for him. He brought that from his heart, on his own, and more than half the country agrees with him. tRUMP, on the other hand, doesn’t even know the words to the National Anthem or God Bless America. He is a fake and you are all too blind to see it. Face it, tRUMP is going to be a just nightmare from the past soon enough.

    • Trump inherited the separation of children & parents from Obama. You lack basic economic knowledge. Actors are among the least knowledgeable but biggest loudmouths, exploiting their visibility to make noise. Attempt to provide useful information. Useful information can be something like: Hillary violated the espionage act hndreds of times, signed the legal agreement stating criminal penalties.Or, Canada has a 270% tariff on US dairy products. Get the idea?

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