Robert Francis O’Rourke Is the Most Dangerous Socialist in America


The Democratic presidential ticket for 2020 could be the elderly plagiarized Joe Biden for President, with Beto O’Rourke as his running mate.

Beto used up nearly $80 million, only to lose the senatorial seat in Texas, but that isn’t the story. The fact is that he didn’t miss by much and that’s the story.

The Irish Beto doesn’t rely on special interests either. His funding did not come from special interests but rather from Hollywood and other voters that he connected with on social media. His talent for raising money is remarkable.

Barack Obama and other big names are his fans, making him all the more potent a candidate.

Robert Francis O’Rourke likes to portray himself as ‘Beto’ as in Hispanic. As phony as that is, the people love him for it. He wins supporters with the name alone, and more so because he is fluent in Spanish. Latinos love him.

Beto is a member of numerous groups, including the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. He is a drummer, and that makes him cool.


Robert Francis is the new JFK or a young Obama although he is middle-aged and not much younger than the former president. The youth love him. Those are the same young people who love the old commie Bernie Sanders.

The latest polls among Democrats, for what they’re worth, have Joe Biden in the lead, commie Sanders in second, and Robert Francis is third. Rumor has it that Biden’s and Beto’s staff have already discussed Beto as a running mate. It would help compensate for peoples’ concerns about Biden’s advanced age.

Beto won’t admit he’s a far-left socialist so he can keep moderates on his side. At the same time, Progressives know he’s one of their loons. Robert Francis supports open borders, amnesty, Single Payer, extreme climate change, pro-abortion, pro-radical prison reform, legalization of cannabis nationally, gun control, high taxes, and extravagant spending. He plays identity politics and possesses all the many lunatic ideas of the statist left.

The sneak wants it both ways, and he gets it both ways.

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