Robert Francis O’Rourke, We Will Miss Ye



Robert Francis O’Rourke, we will miss ye! Not that many fake Hispanics run for office with such a colorful background and powerful message. In fact, you’re the first.

Even though you had an almost non-existent following, you were beating President Trump by 4-6 points, according to the polls.

The Daily Caller put together a nice farewell remembrance here:


President Trump remembered to mention him last night at the rally in Mississippi. Beto continuously called the President a racist, among other terrible things.

He called O’Rourke “that poor bastard,” and said: “Poor pathetic guy. He was pathetic.”

Earlier, Trump tweeted, “Oh no, Beto just dropped out of the race for President despite him saying he was ‘born for this,’” Trump tweeted. “I don’t think so!

“Beto was nasty, and he said he was born for it,” President Trump said Friday night. “Like he was born from heaven, he came down and if that’s the case, some really bad things happened because he made a total fool out of himself.”

Beto deserved every word of that, although many would say the President should not have said it. The MSM said the President offered up “obscene criticisms.” That’s their opinion.

On the campaign trail, fake Mexican Beto blamed the President for the horrific crimes of crazed gunmen. He called Trump’s followers “racists.” He lied and said the President called asylum seekers “animals and an infestation.” The President was talking about MS-13 and Beto had to know that.

Beto compared Trump to the Nazis. He said, “Now we would not be surprised if, in the Third-Reich, other human beings were described as an infestation, as a cockroach, or a pest that you want to kill.”

He demonized America and Americans as well.

There will be cheers no more — we hope!


The man only has the worst things to say about the USA. He sees the country as evil. He’s also a self-loathing white man on the stump.


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