Robert Mueller Is the Resistance


Andrew Weissmann attended Hillary Clinton’s election eve party last year with the hope of celebrating her victory. Weismann, known for vicious and shady dealings in the past, is the lead prosecutor in the Mueller witch hunt.

It was immediately after Hillary’s loss that Hillary’s team formed the opposition to President Trump’s election, claiming Russian interference.

According to the book “Shattered” written by Liberal Jonathan Allen who is a Politico editor, and Amy Parnes who writes for The Hill the Clinton Campaign hatched the Russia narrative 24 hours after her loss as an excuse for their campaign failure! After the Hillary loss, they began an incredible marketing effort with the help of every Democrat and the mainstream media.

She has publicly joined the ‘Resistance’ movement against the President.

Weissmann, one of her fans, also holds the resistance movement to President Trump’s presidency “in awe”.

Mueller’s lead prosecutor, Andrew Weissmann, known as a legal terrorist by some colleagues, is a member the anti-Trump resistance as he revealed in an email obtained by Judicial Watch to fellow resistance member Sally Yates after she refused to comply with President Trump’s order to issue a travel ban.

Weissmann gushed: “I am so proud. And in awe. Thank you so much. All my deepest respects.”

He was proud that one of the President’s top executive staff members resisted the President’s orders on a travel ban which has cleared all judicial barriers to date because it is within the President’s authority.

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton calls Weissmann’s email “an astonishing and disturbing finding.”

Mueller’s right-hand pit bull is obviously partisan.

The awe-inspiring Sally Yates is the one, who in her testimony to Congress, informed White House Counsel Don McGahn that Michael Flynn had made untrue statements about his talks with the Russian ambassador, and discussed with McGahn possible criminal prosecution of Flynn.

That was relevant to the process crime of lying Mueller later used to charge Flynn.

Andy McCarthy says Yates report might be relevant to any investigation of Trump. He wrote: The day after firing Flynn, Trump had the White House meeting at which — according to the testimony of former FBI director James Comey — Trump pressured Comey to drop the Flynn investigation. . . .”

Thus, if Trump knew that Flynn had lied to the FBI, he was asking Comey to drop a case against someone he knew had committed a crime.

On the other hand, if Trump didn’t know Flynn lied at the time he suggested Comey go easy on Flynn, then he wasn’t asking Comey to drop the case.

If Mueller is looking at obstruction of justice or obstruction of an FBI investigation, Yates will become a prominent witness.

Yates testimony will be challenged. CBS News reported that “Sources with direct knowledge tell CBS News that then-acting Attorney General Sally Yates never told White House Counsel Don McGahn that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn lied or that he was under FBI investigation — a version of events that contradicts Yates sworn Senate testimony.”

Her honesty will, however, be judged by the man who holds her “in awe”.


The anti-Trump resistance by Obama aides began in earnest before the election in July 2016 while he was campaigning for President.

Then-FBI Director James B. Comey began a criminal investigation of the Trump campaign, in whole or part, based on the dossier that was aimed at destroying Donald Trump.

Its salacious and sometimes far-fetched scenarios of Russia-Trump collusion on the Russian hack of Democratic Party computers have not been confirmed publicly.

None of the dossier can be confirmed according to the FBI and some of its most salacious accusations have been debunked.

The dossier, funded by the DNC and the Clinton campaign, was garbage opposition research with information supplied by the Kremlin itself. It was elevated beyond belief.

One of the DoJ’s senior 4th floor investigators Bruce Ohr has been demoted because he met with the creator and the funder of the dossier, Christopher Steele and Fussion GPS founder Glenn Simpson, during the campaign in 2016 and shortly after the election.

It is believed that the dossier was used to spy on Carter Page and others.

Mueller removed his lead investigator Pete Strzok in July when Strzok’s anti-Trump, pro-Hillary emails to his mistress became known but Mueller hid that information from Congress despite repeated calls for Strzok to testify.

Jeannie Rhee, also a lead in the Mueller probe, was Ben Rhodes personal attorney and had worked as counsel in the Obama administration.

Andrew McCabe, heavily involved in all the investigations, as was Strzok, had serious conflicts of interest which Jim Comey said he had no problem with. McCabe’s wife was recruited by Hillary’s and Bill’s friend and former fundraiser Terry McAuliffe. A total of 40% of the campaign contributions to his wife’s campaign came from Hillary donors.

Nine of the members of Mueller’s team are Democrats and Hillary and/or Obama donors. It’s not clear about the others but they are not Republicans or Trump supporters.

Obama holdovers and Obama himself remain a problem

Obama’s staff have also been fully engaged in pushing the collusion story and investigation despite evidence of a crime.

John O. Brennan, Mr. Obama’s CIA director and former campaign adviser, pushed the investigation during the campaign. He supplied Mr. Comey with the names of Russians with whom Trump associates had made any type of contact. Mr. Brennan testified to Congress that he provided the list of referrals without knowing what was discussed, The Washington Times reported.

James R. Clapper, Mr. Obama’s director of national intelligence, has called the President unfit for office.

“I really question his … fitness to be in this office,” Mr. Clapper told CNN after a fiery Trump speech in August. “And I also am beginning to wonder about his motivation for it. Maybe he is looking for a way out.”

Holdovers in Trump’s administration as well as forces from the outside hope to overturn the election, not because of policy, but because they have successfully demonized the opposition with personal attacks.

Democrats, media, and seemingly Mueller’s team are determined to indict Trump and his family. If not for collusion, for obstruction, if not that, lying or some other process crime.


The New York Times ran a story on Feb. 14 based in part on “former American officials” to fire up the narrative.

“Phone records and intercepted calls show that members of Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and other Trump associates had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election, according to four current and former American officials,” The Times story read based on Obama holdovers’ or former Obama staff’s information.

Almost the entire story was wrong, according to Mr. Comey’s testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence four months later. Comey immediately notified Congress the story was not true. There were no such “repeated contacts” with Russian intelligence.

But it served the purpose and its false news continues to reverberate.

This isn’t simply random attacks, there is orderliness and timeliness to the leaks and indictments. There are roll outs when the President has a success abroad or in the economy. It looks like a stealth coup.

Barack Obama and his staff said they unmasked and leaked out of fear that the President and/or his staff were colluding with the enemy. There has been no evidence of that after an investigation that began over a year ago.

The Obama CIA actively and publicly opposed President Trump. Take Mike Morell’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton as an example.


“In the intelligence business, we would say that Mr. Putin had recruited Mr. Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation,” Mr. Morell said.

Robert Mueller doesn’t even care about the appearance of impropriety, the FBI and DoJ refuse to provide Congress with any information. The media is nearly 100% opposed to the President and puts out false narratives or distorted, opinionated information to hurt the President. Obama runs a subversive organization that leads violent protests when the time seems right. He’s also behind much of the media sourcing.

One former U.S. attorney calls the Mueller team “creeps on a mission”.

Days ago, Barack Obama compared President Trump to Hitler at an Economic Club in Chicago. He also lamented not passing stringent gun laws. It is unprecedented for a past president to behave in this way.

This is the Resistance.




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