Robert Mueller’s Timing of Indictments Is Bordering on Corrupt


Rush Limbaugh noticed that the timing of the Flynn indictment was curious, occurring just as the tax reform is likely being passed.

Why is this being pursued with timed releases and with such vehemence?

The Washington Post published a story which said that the phone calls between Flynn and the Russian ambassador had been listened to and transcribed and there was nothing illicit on them. The details of the call were available to the WaPo and there was nothing illicit said.

Flynn lied about what he said to the Russian ambassador but we know it was not criminal. The reason we know anything is because the Russian ambassador was being legally surveilled.

Talking to a Russian is also legal.

The Obama administration unmasked Flynn and made it public – illegally – and they did it to  create the impression that something illegal took place during the conversation.

If Jared Kushner was the senior transition member directing Flynn, it hardly matters, nothing illegal was said.

The Trump Tower meeting appeared to be a set up, some type of entrapment but nothing untoward happened.

The dossier was fake, created with the help of a smear machine working with the Clinton campaign and the DNC. It was transmitted with the help of an angry Senator McCain. The same smear machine — Fusion GPS – met with the Russian honeypot at Trump Tower before and after the Tower meeting.

We are all being manipulated.

Bloomberg News reported, “Kushner Is Said to Have Ordered Flynn to Contact Russia.” The headline doesn’t support the story which shows the discussion wasn’t about Russia collusion, it was about the vote in the U.N. Security Council condemning Israel. Kushner had Flynn contact every U.N. Security Council member, including Russia to delay the vote condemning Israel until after Obama was out of office.

Obama railed against that delay.

It wasn’t Trump talking with Flynn, it was Jared Kushner and he wasn’t saying anything wrong.

Is it rude? Perhaps. Collusion? No, it’s not. Even if it were, it wouldn’t matter, collusion isn’t illegal. Obama colluded with the Ayatollah to come up with an absolutely awful nuclear deal. No one seems to care about that.

If the left thinks Flynn will put Trump out of office, they will likely be very disappointed.

The Mueller garbage has pushed all the news of tax reform right off page one. Pencil neck Adam Schiff is talking non-existent collusion and predicting the downfall of the presidency

The lies will continue.

Mueller isn’t heading for Trump at this time, he’s heading for Jared Kushner.

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