Robert O’Rourke grandstands on guns, then curses, sells “F*d Up” tees


People here illegally kill many times more people than rifles, but that doesn’t matter in certain quarters. It also doesn’t matter how many people die in cities like Chicago. What matters is the narrative.

Beto has been cursing all over the place about guns. He told Virginians “this is f**ked up,” and it’s Congress’s fault. Here we go:

Former Texas representative and 2020 hopeful Beto O’Rourke railed against Congress late Saturday for not doing enough to stop gun violence after yet another mass shooting. After a gunman in west Texas left at least 5 dead and 21 injured, O’Rourke told voters in Virginia that “there is no reason” Americans should live with such gun violence. “Not sure how many gunmen, not sure how many people have been shot. Don’t know how many people have been killed, the condition of those who have survived. Don’t know what the motivation is, do not yet know the firearms that were used, or how they acquired them. But we do know that this is fu**ed up,” he said.

Here he is cursing on the Sunday news show. His new slogan is “F*d Up”:

But profanity is not the “F-bomb,” according to Beto, who never once blames the shooter, just the weapon he chose.

His goal is to show how unpresidential he can be, but we knew that already. Who’s vote is he getting with this show of vulgarity?

Is he trying to sound tough? Down to earth like his perception of the common man? He’s just proving he’s an ignorant slob.

Robert Francis is running to restore the “moral fabric” of this country that the President allegedly destroyed and look at how he’s fundraising off it (again):

And have no fear, he will definitely confiscate our guns.

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