Robert O’Rourke is running ads in MEXICO! To get the Mexican vote?


Robert O’Rourke, aka ‘Beto’ the fake Hispanic, is targeting MEXICANS with Facebook ads, Free Beacon reports. Mexicans make up half the illegal aliens in the United States.

He wants the illegal alien MEXICAN vote no doubt, prove me wrong.

Among the posts that O’Rourke paid to blast out to Mexican users was an invitation to his Tuesday campaign stop at the Jacobs Center in San Diego, Calif. The details are posted on the event page in both English and Spanish.

Beto has made it clear he will gladly take down existing border walls. He’s an open border traitor and has funded illegal aliens with campaign cash while running for the Senate.

Beto said we don’t need any walls. “We do not have a problem,” according to him. Robert sees no need for an enhanced wall system.

Walls don’t make us safe, he claimed. He also falsely declared we are walling off opportunity and it’s killing the foreigners.

Beto is out for Beto and he is an opportunist.

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