Robert O’Rourke Wants White Americans to Pay Reparations for Slavery


Recently, Communist Mexican President Obrador demanded Spain apologize and hand over reparations for their conquering ways hundreds of years ago. He is one of many looking to change history. Everyone these days is demanding apologies and reparations. Robert (Beto) O’Rourke the fake Hispanic has joined the chorus.

The crazy leftist Beto says Congress should mandate white Americans atone for slavery by giving money to black communities. Don’t we do that already?

At first, he was opposed to reparations but he found himself at the Al Sharpton event where everyone was outdoing the next guy.

At Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, he was asked by Sharpton if he would back a measure for reparations introduced by Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a fellow Texan, O’Rourke answered, “absolutely I would sign that into law.”

“I had a chance to speak with and just listen to and learn from Brian Stevenson in Montgomery, Alabama and learn from his work on working with the community to build a memorial to justice and to peace and he said ‘foundational to reparations is the word repair. Foundational to repair is the truth,’” O’Rourke said.

That is such a crock. He will say anything.

His name can be added to the other candidates who support some type of reparations  — Kamala Harris (whose family owned slaves on their plantation), Elizabeth Warren (a fake Indian), Julian Castro (whose mama is Rosie Castro the La Raza commie), Andrew Yang (who is opposed to circumcision, an important issue to almost no one), Tulsi Gabbard (who doesn’t think Assad is a war criminal).

Such an illustrious group of wingnuts.

It’s tiring going through all the obvious reasons why reparations make no sense, but the obvious one is you can’t make it up to people long dead. Then there is the fact that white people who never enslaved anyone don’t owe anything to black people who were never slaves.

And who gets to pay? Do new immigrants have to pay? And who do they pay? Do African immigrants get compensated? Do white descendants of slaves get compensated? How about Asians?

How do the recipients prove they are descendants of slaves?

It’s racial bias, nothing more.

If they want to start a civil war, this is a good start.

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